Guest Blog: review of Label.m – Nicola Arthur

Label.m is a product range developed by Toni & Guy and consists of their ‘4 c’s philosophy’ which stand for Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete. With each element there is a range of choice to suit your hairs needs, for example in the cleanse category there are eight shampoos to choose from so chances are there’ll be something there to suit most people.

"Hot oil treatments have come along way since I last used one"

“Hot oil treatments have come a long way since I last used one”

The shampoo I tried from the Label.m range was the Intensive Repair Shampoo, which is designed to intensively repair all three layers of the hair and protect the hair against heat styling and UV rays with its rich and nourishing formula. I would say the product is very unisex due to the black sleek packaging and the fragrance, which is very neutral slightly citrusy but not at all strong.

When applied to wet hair it lathered up to a nice rich foam and rinsed out easily and once my hair was dry the texture was bouncy and voluminous, which I wouldn’t expect from a repairing shampoo as they normally concentrate on the repairing and not so much on the volume so I was very impressed with that.

As for the repairing element of this shampoo which is its main attraction, I thought it did a pretty good job short term, when using the shampoo I did not follow with a conditioner so that I could see the true effect of the formula and unlike many shampoos my hair was not dried out and knotty. It brushed nicely and looked shiny throughout the day keeping the volume as well. Overall I am very impressed with this formula, I love the smell and richness and overall look once my hair is dry, and so I highly recommend it.

Another product I tried from the range was the Warming Oil Treatment, the pack contains four vials of 15ml oil treatments which are supposed to restore high impact healthy hair and the warming effect of the oil increases circulation to the scalp promoting healthy hair growth as well as providing the hair with vital moisture.

Now first off hot oil treatments have come a long way since I used one, I remember having to get a cup of hot water, leaving the oil in it etc. I am lazy so can never be bothered to go to this effort and so if I see one of these treatments in a shop I tend to not buy it. This is a hot oil treatment that’s self heating, how cool is that? So all you do is apply to the roots of the hair after it has been shampooed, wait for it to heat up and massage and after a couple of minutes rinse it out.

I was expecting it to be a pain to rinse out but it seemed to disappear quite nicely but I wasn’t convinced, however once my hair dried it had clearly all washed out as my hair was lacking any excess oil and was just lovely, shiny and bouncy at the roots. Whether this benefits the ends of the hair or how it does I really couldn’t say as its only applied to the roots but the combination of this and the repairing shampoo left the entire length of my hair shiny and healthy looking. I also cannot comment on the healthier hair growth as I haven’t used it long enough to show any results. What I can say is that it’s a nice treatment to use however the application is a bit of a pain as you have to shake the product through a little hole in the bottle and it takes a while to get it all out and can be messy, if you can put up with the irritating application I would definitely recommend it.



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