Guest Blog: review of Urban Decay by Big Fashionista

Not being into all things pink and fluffy, Urban Decay products have always been a favourite of mine, not only for their quality of make up but for their packaging as well, and I have to admit, when I first received the Surreal Skin Cream To Powder Foundation to test, my inner “Rock Chick” squealed in delight like a pre-teen at a Justin Beiber concert. The packaging is perfect. The classic deep purple compact is decorated with silver skulls, flowers as well as butterflies. You would feel as comfortable pulling this compact out of your pocket at a festival as you would at dinner with your future in laws.


“My skin didn’t feel heavy or clogged”

The foundation itself is another joy. Extremely light on the skin, this product glides on easily and can give coverage as sheer or as covered as you wish. Perfect for a day-to-night transformation when all you need is to build up your foundation to give that just made-up look without looking cakey.

Paraben-free and suitable for vegans, the Cream-to Powder finish was perfect for my combination skin. I received compliments on how well I looked and people were surprised when I told them I was wearing foundation. My skin didn’t feel heavy or clogged and the cream settled to a flawless powder finish.


“Light on the skin, it glides on easily”

The brush that came with the product was also a pleasant surprise. As a person who usually throws away any brush that comes with a product in favour of my own, I found that the brush that is situated in the ventilated base of the compact was actually usable and gave a great finish to the foundation.

I am a big fan of Urban Decay but this product has just reaffirmed my love of all things UD, and as it also has a mirror in the lid of the compact this foundation is now a resident of my hand bag and taking up far less room than its predecessor. Foundation as well as a separate brush and mirror. Which leaves me with more room to purchase more UD products. So everyone truly is a winner.

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