There’s no doubt that Essential Oils have been filling beauty baskets for many years, but unlike some time ago, this pampering past-time is no longer just an activity for those looking for holistic healing. Essential Oils have become increasingly popular in the bathrooms of women and men everywhere. From relaxation and distressing to energising and mood lifting, mixing your own blend of oils is working its way up the Friday night in list! With this in mind we have asked Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM luxury Organics to talk us through a Dummy’s Guide to Essential Oils. Using entirely organic, gorgeously scented essential oils in all NEOM products, Nicola knows a thing or two about the mix and blend. Enjoy!

It’s always the most daunting thing about those little brown bottles that everyone raves about, working out which ones to buy and how on earth to mix them together! On one hand you want them to smell pleasant but on the other you need them to work as a proper treatment. Like everyone else, I felt a little bewildered when I ventured into the world of Planet Organic and bought myself a beginner’s collection of essential oils. Including lavender, lemongrass and grapefruit, by first blend attempt wasn’t the best to be honest. So I thought I’d give any of you that are contemplating getting started some top tips…

Simple yet indulgent, this ultimate mood enhancer leaves both the body and mind at ease…

Simple yet indulgent, this ultimate mood enhancer leaves both the body and mind at ease…

My top 3…


Although it is commonly used , is the most versatile of all the oils, having a calming and relaxing effect as well as reviving and restorative properties. Depending on how much you use and what you team it with, it’s an essential basic for any kit. It can work as an antiseptic, is great for kids and any one with an ounce of stress…an absolute must-have!


By far my most used oil, it has a gorgeous orange scent and is great for stress, tension, anxiety…something we could all do with a little help with after a long day. It also helps to make most essential oil blends smell a little prettier and can work well with a relaxing or an enlivening blend, so there’s rarely one  I don’t add a little to.


Also a favourite of mine. It’s gone up in price a bit at the moment (the annoying thing with these oils is that they can all go up and down in price depending on the harvest). Again it’s a pretty smelling oil, actually the most used oil in modern perfumery and the great thing is, it works well for anxiety…something I have to keep on top of!

Add a dash of…

I’d blend my favourite three with Majoram if I wanted something really quite relaxing or perhaps Rosemary if I wanted to focus the mind a little. These kinds of oils don’t smell so pretty on their own but they do add a real depth and warmth to a blend.

Treat yourself to…

If you’re feeling flush treat yourself to some Rose or Jasmine. They are quite pricey though and you really need to be sure you get a great quality that isn’t crazily diluted; my secret tip is to have a sniff before you buy. Both Rose and Jasmine are lovely for making you feel special, in a kind of soothing, pampering way, and what woman doesn’t want a bit of that?!

Mastering the mix…

Once you have decided on your blend there are a few ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ when mixing. Try not to use too many oils in a blend –  of course you can always use just one note, (there’s no law against it) but certainly try not to use more than four in the beginning, and only 1-3 drops of each.

You’ll need a base oil too. The kind of oil really depends on what you’re doing with the blend, for example you should buy a great, oil full of essential fatty acids and vitamins if you’re rubbing it into the body (my preference is Jojoba as it’s highly penetrative and what we use in all NEOM body oils) but if it’s for a bath, something cheaper is fine because essentially it’s just a carrier to hold your oils, so coconut or grapeseed are both great for that.

Relax and Enjoy…

But most of all, just practice, on yourself, your partner, in the bath, a massage oil. You’ll get to know what little potions make you tick, which make your shoulders instantly drop when you breathe in and there’s nothing better than creating your own blend that works to make you feel instantly better. Enjoy!


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