How To Create The Perfect Curl

Curly hair

 Top 10 Styling Tools to Create Your Perfect Curl


Curling hair has always been a popular style, even with the introduction of the straightening Iron, stylists have experimented and found ways to create waves and movement with hair straighteners.

We have put together our Top 10 hair styling tools you can use to create different types of curls, plus the products you will need to maintain that look, because we all know that preparation is everything when it comes to stubborn hair!

1. Babyliss Black Conical Wand – Wide Barrel (19-32Mm)

This conical wand is great for creating tight ringlet (small sections) style curls or a looser wave if you take larger sections of hair. Be careful to wear the glove supplied with this wand and it heats up to over 200 degrees and has 25 heat settings.


To achieve the best look, and make sure your curls stay in place, prep the hair with a curling mousse, Curling cream (Moroccanoil do a good one) or texturising spray like one from Wella SP or ghd.

2. Diva Big Waves Waver – £70.00

This amazing waver can give you massive loose curls or a more modern edge wave (as seen below), as it has a dual function.

Curly hair Wand

The Diva waves created with the wave function.

How to: simply take small sections and start at the root, or as high as you want the waves to start, clamp sections of the hair in the waver and hold for a 5-10 seconds and move the waver down the hair.

Diva waver

The Diva Big Waves Waver

3. Diva Session Instant Heat Hot Pod – £79.99


The Session Instant Heat Hot Pod has a docking point for hot rollers and heats the rollers up in seconds. You can create volume and curl with the variety of different rollers available to use with the hot pod.

The Heated rollers not only give you fabulous volume, they can also create a wide range of curls and movement in the hair, depending on what size roller you use. For smaller tight curls you need the 25mm rollers, where as if you wanted big volume and loose movement the 50mm rollers are perfect (as shown below).

Rollers Hair

4. Babyliss 20 Piece Hot Sticks – £30.00 

These Hot sticks from Babyliss create tight corkscrew curls for when you want lots of movement and volume in your hair, ideal for giving good texture to your hair when you want to wear it up. For many up-dos curls help to create texture, body and movement, rather than leaving the hair straight and limp.


The hot sticks can also create waves by using larger sections of hair, they are easy to use and can be slept in if needs be, although i’m not sure how comfortable that would be.

5. Diva Session Instant Heat Tong with Non Slip Silicon Mat & Glove – £79.99

A brand new wand from Diva which unlike the others is straight and not conical, meaning you get an even curl throughout the hair. The wand heats up super fast and is adviced that you wear a glove with it to avoid burning your fingers. It has variable temperature settings from 80°C -230°C, instant heat – ready to style in 10 seconds and  features a cool tip for easy styling. What more could you want!


The wand can also be used to give volume at the roots by using close to the hair line, it has many uses and can create a wide variety of looks.

6. Babyliss Conical Wand 16-9mm – £24.00 

This thin wand from Babyliss is great for creating incredibly tight curls, so if you are looking to recreate an 80’s perm this is your tool, or alternatively it would be good for creating Jane Austen type ringlets.


This Conical Wand from Babyliss is fun and can be used in a variety of ways, it is Ideal for people with short hair.

7. The ghd Classic Gold Styler – £105.00

The master of all things straight, the ghd styler is actually a really great hair tool for curling and waving hair as well.


By taking small or large sections depending on your desired look, clamp the hair in the straighteners and twist as you hold the hair, then still twisting the hair, pull the hair through the straighteners. This will give the hair an interesting wave and add lovely movement to the hair.

'The A-Team' film premiere, London, Britain - 27 Jul 2010

8. Remington AS1201 Amaze Airstyler – £26.00 

This multi functioning hair tool is truly amazing, a 5 in 1 Airstyler it is all you need to achieve salon professional hair. Create volume, curls with bounce and smooth frizz free styles using the revolutionary Ceramic Ionic Technology from Remington.


To create volume, use it as a brush and take the hair from root to tips, pushing in upward direction to increase volume. The Remington Airstyler has 3 heat and speed settings for you to choose from whilst styling and the 3m swivel cords makes it easy to move around.

It is a fantastic multi hair tool to create  whole host of looks with, so enjoy.

9. Babyliss 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Roller Set

If you are lucky enough to have loads of hair and want volume and lots of cascading curls, these rollers are perfect from Babyliss; 30 individual rollers in four different sizes to create different sized curls.


The great thing about rollers is they give you volume and also once they are in place, you can get on with other things while you wait for them to cool. Never take out hot though as your hair will not have set into the curl.

Brooks and Brooks 99261_RB

Top Tip: You might need to enlist a friend to help you put in the back ones, as it can be tricky!

And finally number 10…

10. Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer – Red

I know a bit suprising, but so much can be achieved with a hairdryer i thought it would be mean to leave it out.

All you need is a good Blow dry spray like the Label M Blow Out Spray to give you that hold and the right tools, a ceramic or metal brush like the Thermochromic brush from Corioliss and a directional nozzle on your hairdryer and away you go.


Top Tips: To achieve a loose wave with your brush and hairdryer, simply take a section and blow the hair around the brush while twisting it, when the hair is dry and still around the brush, hold it on the brush for 30 seconds to cool and then twist it off the brush, to encourage the curl. Set with Hairspray.

Happy Curling folks!

– Hair care Expert Lola.




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