How to Handle the Morning After.

A common point of discussion amongst me and my friends – most who are hovering around the grand old age of 25 – is the rising intensity of the dreaded hangover. At the tender age of 18, we laughed in the face the morning after and danced ‘til the wee hours only to jump up first thing and start all over again that evening. Unfortunately, those days appear to have gone.

Always seems like a good idea at the time.

After celebrating my 25th birthday this weekend, I truly felt the effects of being one year older on Sunday morning. Now, we all know that there is arguably no 100% certain way of preventing or curing the consequences of an over-indulgent night out – 2 pints of water before bed, a strong black coffee, aspirin, 12 hours sleep, or the classic good old fry up are all options. I, unfortunately, do not have the answer. However, I do have some top tips on how to make yourself feel and look just that little bit better after a good night, whatever age you are.

It’s no big beauty secret that celebrations, birthday or otherwise, can take their toll on the skin leaving it dehydrated and tired. So why not give it a little treat with Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up Face Mist. Packed with vitamin C and chamomile, a cheeky spritz of this will leave you feeling slightly more human.

To disguise those dark circles from lack of sleep there’s nothing better than a dab of YSL Touche Eclat. This cult fave is easy to apply and covers up any signs of a late night!

When you need that extra 20 minutes in bed, washing your hair can seem like the last thing you want to do, and that’s why dry shampoo is such a miracle invention! TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo means that you can skip the arduous task of washing and drying and get fresh, clean hair in one short step.

But even as the mornings-after get progressively worse, there’s not much that will stop me from donning my dancing shoes and hitting the town. Maybe I’ll have changed my tune by the time I’m 26….



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