IMEDEEN: Our Top 3 Picks

Here at Lookfantastic HQ, we know that finding the right skincare supplement can be a tricky task, so we teamed up with IMEDEEN to help you really understand the ins and outs of this well known supplement brand.

We have selected 3 of our favourite products from the IMEDEEN range, so we can take a closer look at how, and why they work. Have a read and find out more about IMEDEEN Hair & Nails, IMEDEEN Age-Defying Formulations and IMEDEEN  Tan Optimzer.

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What makes IMEDEEN stand-out?

– The tablets work right in the deep layer of your skin, where traditional creams and lotions cannot reach

– Their formulations have been scientifically proven

– They are based on naturally sourced ingredients

-They are pioneers in beauty from within, having started in 1991

-They have been endorsed by consumers and skin experts worldwide

IMEDEEN Hair & Nails

IMEDEEN Hair & Nails


Complementary to the IMEDEEN range is IMEDEEN Hair & Nails.

These oral beauty capsules for the maintenance of beautiful looking hair and nails.

Full to the brim with biotin, zinc and B-vitamins, these capsules help promote and preserve beautiful hair and healthy nails.

Add these to your daily routine for shiny hair and strong nails!


IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer

IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer

Ultra Violet light from the sun accounts for around 80-90% o of all the damaging effects the skin is exposed to.

This UV light causes oxidative stress in the skin, free radicals and an over-production of enzymes.

IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer helps support and prepare your skin in the sun, with a unique blend of carotenoids, lycopene, beta carotene and natural lutein.

They also help with the oxidative stress in the skin and prevents the damage of free radicals with Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

*Please not IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer tablets do not replace the use of sun protection lotion and should always be used together with an SPF.

IMEDEEN Age-Defying Forumlations

Imedeen Age-Defying Formulations


The IMEDEEN Age-Defying Formulation such as ‘Time Perfection‘ helps improve moisture levels and it helps prevent new signs of ageing from forming in the dermis.

This particular products works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles using a combination of vitamins in the supplement.

Daily intake of IMEDEEN skincare tablets has been proven to improve overall skin quality and density as well as reducing visible signs of ageing in as little as 90 days.



If you want to pick up any of our top picks from IMEDEEN, then make sure to pick them up here.

If you have any questions about how any IMEDEEN products work, let us know in the comments box below and our on-site pharmacist, Hira will be able to help you!

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