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Since its launch, Imedeen has won the hearts of millions and with such celebrity backing it is making a strong mark within the skincare market.  The award winning beauty supplements work from the inside to create beautiful skin on the outside – or what I like to call the proper way!

As one of the world’s most iconic models and a maternal health advocate, Christy Turlington Burns shares the same view and believes that natural beauty and health of skin starts from within.

Christy Turlington Burns Loves Imedeen and starts her day with two Imedeen Time Perfection Tablets.


Christy’s love for Imedeen is shared by magazines, supermodels and celebrities alike.  Good Housekeeping conducted a study “TRIED & TESTED: ANTI-AGEING SUPPLEMENTS” which found Imedeen Time Perfection to be the overall favourite!
ime tim‘I noticed a difference in the condition and tone of my skin after only a couple of weeks. It was much more even, smoother and less dull. Also I was delighted that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth had lessened.’‘I did feel my skin began to look smoother and provided a good base for make-up, and the supplements seemed to protect my skin from the elements.’

Staff at Red – (the skincare diaries) also have included Imedeen Time Perfection in their ultimate daily routine and the twice a day tablets are the anti-aging secret for Naomi Campbell, Jessica Beil and Danni Minogue (Daily Mail).



Imedeen Derma One Tablets  are another media favourite.  Perfect Wedding and Melissa George (inStyle) have both shared their secrets for perfect skin.  The formula which is based on the structure of our skin is enriched with zinc and vitamin C to boost the cell renewing process while fighting the damage caused by environment.

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Marie Claire, Red and Sunday Mirror all love Imedeen Hair and Nail  just as much as we do here at Look Fantastic!  The easy one tablet a day routine fits into all lifestyles and the combination of biotin, zinc and B-vitamins assure shiny and healthy hair and nails.


Let us know about your Imedeen Favourite and share your views with us below.  If you have any questions about the supplements or would like to know how to take them then email me at or tweet me @LFpharmacist.


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