Kate Looks Great!

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge has had the kind of life many of us ladies dreamt of as hopeful 7yr olds; tottering around in toy heels, kissing frogs and refusing to have a hair cut in case one of those fairy tales were true(?) She is an accomplished sportswoman who sailed around the world, she has a degree in Art History and last year she took the term ‘getting the guy‘ to all new levels and bagged herself a Royal Prince in the wedding of the century. Naturally this woman has long since had a top spot on my idol list, but after seeing the shots of her last night at the Premier of War Horse in London, she has taken my envy to all new levels. Forget Amy Child’s, Lauren Goodger et al. They may commandeer our media spaces with a penchant for large brows and St. Tropez, but Catherine Elizabeth Windsor (nee Middleton) glided across the red carpet looking svelte, glamorous and perfectly peachy. It’s no wonder that she is the nation’s femme du jour.

So when I found out today that not only does Kate possess the glistening wavy locks that I crave on a daily (hourly) basis, she also shares my birthday too, I pined over the images of that v-neck lace maxi and youthful complexion even harder. It dawned on me that she not only ticks every necessary elegant dame box, but that at 30yrs old, this lady is looking impressively faultless and enviably ageless! So it got me to revisit my (already faltered) new year resolution of working harder at preventative ageing. Every year I creep a little closer to ‘the hill’, I promise myself that I’m going to invest more time and money in trying to keep my fine lines at bay. So today I took the ageing-bull by the horns and sought out an objective view (I usually get clouded by my own vanity and subscribe myself super strength creams that don’t work on my skin) and had a chat with resident skincare expert Anna. I asked Anna what she would recommend for my skin in the plight against those infamous crows feet. Anna recommended the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream, with these wise words:

‘This cream has been proven to increase hydration by up to 45%, protect against free radical damage, as well as dramatically increase firmness and elasticity. This means that wrinkles and fine lines are less likely to occur prematurely. One of our anti-ageing best-sellers for good reason!’

Naturally, I whizzed back to my desk and invested in a pot of this miracle age prevention cream. It is my 29th Bday today and while I may never get to sail round the world, or stroll around in Buckingham Palace, I will make damn sure that while taking the 701 to the town centre to visit the community library (in lip gloss) I want to remain on the ‘favourable’ side of my imaginary ‘hill’ for as long as possible!

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