Lean, mean muscle machine!

Hi Beefcakes, not so “buff” Tommy here, the lookfantastic Crooner straight out of Vegas!

beefcake5Forget the cheese and the blocked arteries its summer, it’s pool time. When I was cavorting the pools of Vegas over the Easter weekend I realised I wasn’t just mildly out of shape, but lacking hugely in the buff stakes. Man whatever happened to the rugby fit school boy body? Now it’s more of a lazy slob hobby! Lucky at the mere age of 27 there’s time to burn, time to turn and luckily we have just the stuff to save ya earn!

Vitabiotics Wellman Nutritional Supplement helps keep away the nasties and balances the inside of the burger van. It’s a great product and contains all the “good stuff” to keep the temple working properly, all at a great price just £8.50 for a months supply!

Maximuscle also do you a favour with Cyclone, a product which you must put in the hard labour to strip and rip that torso. It’s an all in one training supplement to help you go for longer and will burn those muffin tops.

That leaves me with the Slendertone, to sharpen up the mid-rift and tighten the tummy tonic! It is a ‘waist’ of time (see what I did there!) unless you train and eat healthily so ditch the gut and take a strut down Buff Lane! You’ll see the effects in 4 weeks if you stick to your routine and leave the burger van a distance greasy dream!

Delivering the keep fit message with some aplomb, over and out, radio active Tom!



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