Jemma Kidd Masterclass At Home

Party season is well and truly upon us and with it comes the onslaught of party related looks, advice and trends. But every women that has embraced party season glamour knows that perfection is to be found in the application of your make-up heroes. That’s why the LF ladies were over the moon when we heard the news that Jemma Kid’s top make-up artist, Korben was coming to LF to give us a masterclass @home (or in this case, the office). Korben arrived laden with Jemma Kidd party make-up essentials and true to his promise, two hours later – five ladies emerged looking like they could give the contestants of America’s Next Top Model a run for their money. With this in mind I have compiled 4 of the best tips and tricks to get your on your way to perfect party glamour, the Jemma Kidd way…

TOP TIP 1: Glittery eyes, glowing cheeks. Never the other way round.

Ever spent far too many getting-ready minutes perfecting the dewiest faultless complexion, only to begin your signature smoky eye and drop charcoal glitter all over your meticulously highlighted cheeks? Yes. We’ve all been there. According to Jemma Kidd’s make-up artist Korben, this is fatal error and to prevent having to start again (and again…and again) start every make-over with your eyes not your skin. Don’t worry, it goes against your natural instincts, but I have watched the outcome in action. Not a dark smudge on the cheek in sight!


TIP 2: Unless you’re married to Prince William, under eye liner is so passé…

First up is your pencil eyeliner. Hands up if you still start your eye make-up with a Cindy Crawford – Revlon Advert circa 1995 lower lid dark smudge? Good. Me too. Apparently this look is not only dated, but it will make your eyes look smaller and less vibrant. So the LF ladies started with a Jemma Kidd Define Stay-Put Eyeliner to line the top inner rim (steady hand required) ensuring that the upper lashes look thicker and fuller and the whites of the eyes were brighter.


TIP 3: Don’t let your smoky eye ‘wings’ fly you to Amy Winehouse-ville…

We all know that the winged smoky eye is most certainly the trend du jour. What nobody really explains is how to ensure they look smoky and sultry rather than a Emo tacky. Top tip on deciding the length of your wing is to ensure that once you have gently pulled taunt the corners of your eye your line doesn’t go past the natural crease of your lid. The LF ladies used Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Gel Liner over the top of the Jemma Kidd Define Stay-Put Eyeliner above the lash line to create a subtle sparkle.


TIP 4: If you want to avoid ‘concealer-goggle’ in your party snaps, don’t colour cover, colour correct…



Whether it’s dark rings, bags or shadows, most of us suffer from discolouration around the eyes and our first instinct is to cover the area with concealer…naturally. This fix is great as long as your don’t have to bare all in front of a happy snappy friend. Forget your party pout; concealer will reflect again the camera flash and ensure that you look like a party panda in every shot. Jemma Kidd colour correction is a genius way of hiding discolouration around the eyes and face by literally cancelling out the unfavourable colours with the opposing hues. Boasting a scary lime green colour, the Jemma Kidd Skin Perfection Kit may seem a little off putting at first glance. But this little pot of pure magic was one of the most impressive make-up products I have set eyes on for a very long time. I watched attentively as Korben applied it to LF ladies lower eyes and was amazed at the natural perfected look it left them with. By far a make-up bag essential for every occasion.

All in all, the afternoon was a huge success and the LF ladies were transformed into day time beauties into night time glamazons in the blink of an eye (no pun intended). To get your hands on your very own Jemma Kidd Night Time Glamour make-up essentials,visit our LF Trend Shop on site where we have compiled all of Korben’s party heroes in a pop up shop for your shopping pleasure!

My top tip? Get your hands on the Jemma Kidd Quick Fix Part Kit that’s entirely EXCLUSIVE to LF and contains the life saving Skin Perfection Kit, a Jemma Kidd Eye Quartet in glamorous Metallica the ESSENTIAL (and I mean it) Jemma Kidd I-Glamour Lashes and the perfect little bag to house them in dusky silver. It’s all you need to embrace the party season with glamorous pride!
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