Lookfantastic meets KeraStraight!

Last week, we were lucky enough to catch up with the Managing Director of KeraStraight, Jez Barnett at the amazing #gorgeousmadeeasy KeraStraight Blogger Event in London. We’ve put together our top questions below! Enjoy!

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What inspired KeraStraight?

The company stemmed from a desire to provide my clients with the best, most gorgeous hair. When I could not buy in the UK, the treatments that I had heard about in US, I decided that I should manufacture and sell the very best. We love when we hear salons reporting on how happy both their hairdressers and most importantly, clients are, with our innovative treatments and products. We have created fantastic relationships with factories in the UK, Brazil and USA and together we create new concepts that deliver gorgeous hair made easy.

What is your favourite KeraStraight product and why?

All of our treatments and products are like my children, I love them all. KeraStraight will only ever develop unique world leading products, so it really is a case of finding what’s best for each individual client, and what combination of products keeps their hair looking gorgeous and healthy. However, it’s our full KeraStraight treatment that always makes the headlines! It delivers up to 4 months of straightening and repair and we believe it truly is life changing.

Which KeraStraight product would you recommend for the Autumn/Winter Season and why?

Probably our Moisture or Protein Masks which used once a week will continuously feed the hair and give a client that extra bit of TLC. Apart from repairing the hair, it will be far easier to manage and support styles far better.

Styling wise, Heat Protection Spray, people will be drying and ironing their hair and this product delivers gorgeous protection, softness and shine.

Is there a particular hair type that KeraStraight is good for?

Our Treatments and products are great for all hair types. Anyone who finds their hard or time consuming to manage, is concerned about the condition or is just looking for advanced products that feed the hair as they style. The most dramatic results are always noticed by the ones with most needs. Who doesn’t want gorgeous hair that is quick and easy to manage?

What inspired the name KeraStraight?

Our hero treatment is built on protein, including keratin and straightens as well as repairs. I want clients to see what we offer and know from the name that what their hairdresser recommends is perfect for them.

Why should people choose KeraStraight?

Our treatments and products radically transform hair to leave it looking and feeling gorgeous. Each product we make is designed to perform like no other and we are thrilled that KeraStraight is endorsed by some of the greatest hairdressers in the world.

What are your ambitions for the future? Ideally, where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

We are currently in 19 countries and are looking forward to expanding to a truly global company working with the greatest companies and delighting millions with our treatments and products. We have many future concepts that we currently working on, each when launched will create new and greater solutions to client’s hair problems. Although breakthroughs do take time to launch, I expect these revolutions will launch in 2015/16, so watch this space.

What are your three top tips on how to maintain beautiful, healthy hair?

Find a hairdresser you trust and listen to their advice, great hairdressers really do care. Invest in great products and tools, generally you get what you pay for. Love and treat your hair, you’re wearing it every day of your life. For most people if they are happy with their hair, they can take on the world.

Do you like the sound of KeraStraight? Will you be trying any of the products? Don’t forget, you can shop the full KeraStraight range here at, with free delivery worldwide and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50.




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