My beauty secret

After suppressing my urge to share all the latest hair and beauty news with you all I’m now sat bubbling over with all the latest information, so stay tuned and I’ll share with you what’s hot, and what’s not, what’s a must have for the coming months and most importantly what the world of hair has new knocking on our door to help us all look and feel our very best, did I mention looking beautiful?

cake-resizedBut first, Easter is just round the corner, and I don’t know about you but after abstaining from sweet things for nearly 40 days, my sweet tooth and chocoholic tendencies are being questioned thanks to a new found clear complexion and inch less waistline! Despite the whole chocolate and bad complexion thing being a beauty myth I do believe that my conscience is telling me how virtuous I’m being spurring me on to cleanse and tone morning and night! My new found secret, Gatineau Supersize Cleanser & Toner Gift Set for Combination Skin, is a hassle free duo that has helped get my skin back in shape! And following on from the revelation that prevention is better than cure I’m feeling good knowing that I’m looking after my skin by preventing the ageing process as well as looking after my body by ditching the chocolate for a lighter more humble me!

Get in contact and let us know what weird and wonderful things you might have given up for lent too!



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