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To celebrate the glorious Aroma Fitness Collection, Fiona Brackenbury, Head of training and education at Decléor, shares her skin perfecting expertise with lookfantastic. Originally a beauty therapist, Fiona has a wealth of experience and top tips when it comes to making a skincare routine work for you and making you feel unique.

For people who are embarking on a keep fit campaign, what would you recommend as the perfect regime?

The perfect body regime would comprise of exfoliation once a week, body moisturising daily and serum applications day and night to treat specific concerns, such as stretch marks, cellulite or water retention.

Do you have any beauty therapist top secrets on how to get the best out of your body skin care routines?

Massage would be the best tip I good give anybody, it increases the efficiency of your products but also stimulates the skins natural functions. It increases micro circulation so is perfect if you suffer with mottled skin tone and slack skin. It also purges toxins from the skin tissues, this is essential as your products will then work harder for you.

Are there any bad habits that we fall into when it come to body skincare routines?

Over the age of 30 you must moisturise daily after showering or bathing. The skin on the body has a third less oil glands to that of the face so it needs continual TLC! Always sit to apply your body products that way the firming creams aren’t fighting gravity.

How can you prep your skin before and after exercise?

Before any exercise make sure your make up is completely removed and even more important after exercise, ensure your skin is deeply cleansed so no impurities are sitting on the surface of the skin.

How do I incorporate the aroma fitness collection into my regime?

The Aroma Fitness Collection is a complete routine for the face and body. The Hydra-Radiance Cleansing Mousse refines the skin texture to leave a glass like finish to the complexion and moisturises from within the skin. After cleansing replace the hydration lost from exercising with Decléor’s 100% active hydrating serum, Aromessence™ Neroli and the thirst quenching Hydra-Floral Moisturiser. The Crème Exfoliante is the beauty therapists secret to intensively conditioned skin that is cashmere soft. To complement the body routine, finish with Decléor’s famous energising bath and shower Alguaromes & Systeme corps firming body moisturiser.

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