NEW IN: Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder

We are SO excited to announce the launch of Estée Lauder on Lookfantastic! The professional skin care brand is set to grace our site in a matter of days but for all those who, like us, just cannot wait any longer, you can order your favourite Estée Lauder gems now!

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As you are probably well aware, Estée Lauder is a pioneer in premium cosmetics and with decades of innovation, they pride themselves on the power to create beauty. As a world-leader in professional skin care, their promise is to deliver luxury beauty products for all skin types. Whether you want to replenish dry skin or protect it from signs of premature aging, there will be a product specifically engineered for you. So what are you waiting for?

Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder

Here at Lookfantastic HQ, we LOVE their new brand ambassador Kendall Jenner, and think she is a fantastic (sorry for the pun) representative for the younger generation. When you think of Estée Lauder, it is usually associated with a sophisticated lady, who faces the day with the definitive red lipstick and a determined attitude. Now that classic look is available with a modern twist.


The limited edition Pure Colour Matte Sculpting Lipstick, dubbed the Kendall Jenner’s Shade, is now available from Lookfantasic! Part poppy, part orange crush, this limited edition lipstick has been described as a signature lipstick that lasts all day. Personally selected by Kendall Jenner, the vivid colour will shape your lips and leave you pout perfect. Its creamy texture is deliciously smooth and hydrating so there’s no need to worry about drying out those luscious lips.

The versatile yet bold colour can be used as your daily go-to or alternatively as your statement lipstick to punch some personality into your reliable LBD. It’s up to you, but one thing is for sure that this lipstick will be your trusted companion.

Having a mid-week lull? Estée Lauder’s natural creams, innovative ingredients and bold lipstick colors epitomize their professional skin care collection. Their ever-growing range oozes sophistication and adds a touch of glamour to even the dullest of days – problem solved!

Order your favourite Estée Lauder products today, and be the first to pick up this Kendall Jenner, limited edition lipstick!

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