NEW IN: Orly Feel The Vibe

Neon is everywhere this season from minis to mani neon mania is having a major moment right now. But if the thought of sporting fluoro orange shorts with a bubble gum blouse fills you with impending dread, don’t fret – nail art is here to save the day. Again.

Fashion has long since been a driving force in self expression, but let’s face it – it can be daunting and downright dangerous to sport some of the looks hailed on the runway. Not to mention the extreme dietary requirements of donning said looks without looking like an extra from Ab Fab! Nail art allows us to play with colour and styles and is open to everyone. There’s no height restriction and no limitations of a 9-5 dress code. Nail art is something that we can all do, share and enjoy.

So in the name of colour pop experimentations, this week I have embarked on a road test of the new Orly Feel The Vibe collection. An ensemble of neon shades accompanied with a glow in the dark pearly white and a deep stark statement black that can be mixed and matched with your neons to pair down or zhuzh them up. Take a look at the results. Sunglasses may be required!

Beach Cruiser (pink)
Take your favourite girly pink. Add half a cup of ‘look at me’, a sprinkle of ‘you’ll never lose me in a crowd’ and stir it all up with a good helping of ‘she who dares, pairs this with a neon yellow bikini’ and you’ll be left with the perfect beach holiday companion. This hot pink may even outshine your holiday sun. Don’t blend in, cruise around and stand out! Two coats of the beautiful Beach Cruiser is enough to send you into hot pink heaven.

Sound great? Buy your Orly Skinny Dip for £9.25 delivered

Glowstick (yellow)
Some might say that you should save the neon for fancy dress, I say save the neon for when you want to impress! There’s one thing for sure, you’ll be giving the sun himself a run for his money with this shining star. Don’t hold back, pair your Glowstick with your favourite monochrome ensemble and take 90s cycledelia to dizzy new heights. Three coats are required for this glow in the dark sensation but the payback is a razzle-dazzle feast!

Sound great? Buy your Orly Skinny Dip for £9.25 delivered

Orly Glowstick is part of the Feel The Vibe Collection available at
Melt Your Popsicle (orange)
Turn heads and leave some seriously illuminating tracks with this outstanding neon orange. Lighting up your perfect ten like shining beacons of courage, don it with jeans and a simple black tee and become the guiding light of the colour pop trend. Warning: Not for the faint hearted!  Two coats of this fiery orange will reduce the need for a camera flash, that’s for sure!

Sound great? Buy your  Orly Skinny Dip for £9.25 delivered

Skinny Dip (blue)
This shimmering pearly, girly blue is the perfect accompaniment to your pastel floral ensemble this summer. Great on toes (I’ve tried) and a totally wearable shade from day through to night, cover with your favourite sparkle over coat for an added pop of pizzazz! Two coats is just enough to don this cool blue hue and perfect for your mid-week mani.

Sound great? Buy your  Orly Skinny Dip for £9.25 delivered

What’s you favourite shade? Which ones would you wear? Tell us in the comments below…



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