NEW IN: WhiteRx Pigmentation Cure


WhiteRx has made its way to LookFantastic and the timing couldn’t be better!  It’s a brand new concept which uses superb technologically-advanced peptides and biotechnology solution to target visible skin pigmentation quickly and with long lasting results.  This means we can enjoy the heatwave without worrying about our skin.

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Pigmentation can be a range of problems but mainly it comes down to our skin cells.  Within our skin layer we have special cells which are responsible for skin colour known as melanocytes.  When these melanocytes are damaged or unhealthy they start producing more than required levels of colour pigment called melanin.  Increase in pigment leads to that area or patch of skin getting darker leading to pigmentation.  Treating these areas and restoring skin colouration is not always easy and sometimes can take a very long time.

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white2WhiteRx Activated Serum

Targeted and concentrated treatment which offers next-generation visible skin whitening.  It is based on 3 independently-proven technologies which offer fast-acting and sustained results.  WhiteRx Activated Serum uses a stable and oxidised form of L-GLutatione (which due to instabilty has never been used in such high concentration before).  The Activated Serum also uses advanced peptides and skin regeneration technology to provide optimum results against pigmentation and has glycolic and lactic acid which are known for their exfoliating ability to give skin a smooth finish.  I am personally very excited for this and cannot wait to try it out!

How to use: apply twice a day after cleansing and before any other treatments.


WhiteRx White Blur


The perfect primer which feels as light as a serum but gives visible results instantly leaving skin looking white with even coverage as it blurs all imperfections in skin texture.  The WhiteRx White Blur is made from refractive blurring silica complex, nano-prismatic white complex and diamond powder along with hue correction prisms which all work together for a radiant glow with even complexion.  Another major aspect of the serum is the anti-pollution nature which protects your skin all day from city life.

How to use: Apply just before makeup to achieve the full benefits of beautiful skin texture.

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