New year, new nails!

Happy New Year everyone!

Despite the sun shining through the window, the energetic buzz of a new year and my positive outlook for 2009, I’m ashamed to admit I caught myself making a big beauty boo boo earlier today! Yes I’m afraid to say I was biting my nails!

There’s no denying that a set of long, perfectly manicured nails sporting the latest hue (deep plums at the mo) looks incredibly smart, sassy and sexy. That’s why you should take caution, and avoid my mishap by keeping your nails looking neat with these industry favourites:

1. Leighton Denny Tropical Treat is your first step to beautiful hands and nails. It’s a triple action hand and nail soak that cleanses, conditions and protects.

2. Shape your nails with the Essie Crystal File, longer nails look elegant on slim fingers, whereas a neat oval shape looks stylish on shorter fingers.

3. Bring some sunshine to your nails with the Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil from butter LONDON. (I find my nails are always stronger after a week in the sun!).

4. A quick spritz of OPI RapiDry will have your favourite polish smudge free in minutes – plus it provides a quick restoring shine between manicures – marvellous!

5. Don’t let dry hands spoil your look and opt for a super duper moisturiser like the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

So come next week, as I’m typing out my next blog entry, I’m confident that my nails will be looking at their most stylish!



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