New year…new you

What a fantastic Christmas! I hope like me you had a super duper day of fun-filled celebrations and are now positively full of good intentions for 2010!

We danced and we sang, we ate and we drank and I even tried the Slendertone Flex for Women. Admittedly though, a 30 minute stint whilst tucking into some Cadbury Roses and sipping on a Vodka and coke was never going to transform my tummy!

You may be expecting me to reveal half a dozen of my New Year resolutions to help encourage you too, however I won’t pretend that the Salter MiBodyUSB Analsyer Scales are at the top of my New Year wish list (oh no, kitchen scales are more my thing)! Instead I am setting myself three very simple ‘Feel Good Resolutions’:

Feel refreshed and revived for 2010!

Feel refreshed and revived for 2010!

1: Thou shalt not be a grouch

Come rain or shine, I’ll start the day on positive toes for as long as this Grumpy Cow companion remains in my bathroom.

2: Thou shalt make time to indulge

At the top of my relaxation agenda is a good book, enjoyed in an atmosphere of Complete Bliss. I’ll take control of my stress rather than taking it out on my nearest and dearest!

3: Thou shalt get a good nights sleep

I’ll commit myself to a dreamy regime starting with a soothing bath, followed by Dr. Hauschka’s Moor Lavender Body Oil to finish the day relaxed and renewed.

Easy enough I hear you say, but isn’t that the idea? A list of broken resolutions before the January sales have finished isn’t the best start to a new year! My list is hardly challenging but my point being: If you do commit yourself to some New Year resolutions, start with some easily achievable goals and you won’t disappoint yourself.

Good luck to you all and I wish you a prosperous 2010!




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