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Crazy for Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil has taken over the beauty world, and can be seen all over Pinterest, YouTube, blogs and magazine articles; singing its praises as a miracle beauty wonder! And rightly so…What other product can be used on your skin to take off waterproof mascara and makeup, or in smoothies, teas and coffee for a boost of Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids, or as a mouthwash for whiter teeth, or to keep hair shiny and healthy? None! As it such a versatile product, Coconut Oil has become a cult product in the beauty indsutry; its cult status helped by its all-natural and organic properties, which nourish your skin, body and hair without adding chemicals.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is the most talked about of the different varieties, such as the Cononpure Organic Oil, which can be used for skin, hair care, and cooking. Boasting a range of beauty benefits internally and externally to the body, Organic Virgin coconut oil is the healthiest and offers the most advantages of the coconut oils. Due to its richness in medium chain triglycerides and lauric acid, it is also considered one of the healthiest oils around, and can be used for both baking and frying. Lauric acid is also wonderful for the skin as it is antibacterial; making it a great routine addition for people with acne-prone skin as it works to reduce the bacteria on the skin and keep it clear and radiant! Chefs all over the world advocate, encourage and absolutely adore cooking with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to keep you beautiful and healthy from the inside which gives wonderful results on the outside.

Externally, coconut oil can be used just as diversely. Reality stars, Kourntey and Khloe Kardashian use it as a body lotion to keep their skin soft and supple. More recently Jenna Dewan Tatum used it on her stretch marks whilst pregnant to prevent permanent scarring. Others, like Emma Stone and Miranda Kerr use it to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, and completely remove all traces of dirt, oil and impurities. Mindy Kaling from the Mindy Project, credits it for her glowing locks as she uses it as a hair mask to keep her hair in the healthiest of conditions. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can also be used on the ends of the hair to keep it hydrated and protected from heat styling, and to prevent split ends; leaving your locks luscious!

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Personally, I have tried all the above, and have fallen in love with the Coconut Craze! I use it regularly as both a facial moisturiser and a make-up remover. It does an amazing job at removing waterproof mascara, simply by rubbing a small amount onto the face and wiping away with a hot face cloth. I even use coconut oil on my hair to tame frizz; lightly running it through my hair when styling, and as a mask applying from roots to the ends.

If you haven’t tried Coconut Oil yet then stock up, and experience the wonderful benefits!  It really is a product that every household should have a tub of in every room. Make sure to share your experiences with us below or on twitter @LookFantastic.  We love hearing from you!




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