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Neom 6Neom 2With innumerable celebrity fans including Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, Neom Organics boasts a wide range of aromatherapy based products designed to increase energy and happiness levels; alongside decreasing stress and inducing sleep using intensive treatments.

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Founded in 2005 by Nicola Elliott and Oliver Mennell, Neom organics has grown from strength to strength to become a leading brand in the Luxury Beauty and Lifestyle Industry. Elliot had been working for Glamour Magazine as an Editor when she became increasingly mindful of the ingredients in her beauty products. Working in the beauty industry; Elliott decided to learn even more and went on to study aromatherapy, hoping to discover more information on the use of natural ingredients. With a growing awareness in the industry of green and organic beauty, Elliott and Mennell decided to found and launch Neom; changing the face of the beauty landscape with their natural and luxurious products.

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While most candles are made from Paraffin wax and Synthetic fragrances, Neom Organics uses only the highest quality ingredients made from 100% natural vegetable waxes hand poured in the UK, infused with essential oils to create an intoxicatingly pure elixir which delights the senses and relaxes the mind. Fragrance, alongside the organic element, is at the heart of the business; with blends taking years to create, produce and perfect. Distilling plant elements which have never before been used in creating scents, Neom Organics ensure that each scent in each product is the most exquisite and special it can be.

NeomNeom Organics use only natural and organic ingredients in their products; ensuring that each candle, diffuser and skin treatment aids your overall wellbeing. Free from parabens, synthetics, petrochemicals and SLS, each scent is blended with expert oils to reveal a wonderful fragrance that you can be sure is good for your, your home and your body.

Their candles are made from 100% Natural Vegetable Wax and 10% pure Essential Oils; nothing more, nothing less. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and artificial chemicals are all banned from their products, and their candle wicks are made from 100% cotton, so when burned, they do not release harmful toxins, pollutants and soot.

#LFLoves – Neom Organics Cocoon Yourself Luxury Scented Candle

With notes of Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile, the scent works to relax and rejuvenate; perfect when you’re feeling stressed or under the weather.We love to smell this candle without even burning it as the fragrance is so beautiful and uplifting! Featuring 3 wicks, the candle will burn for 50 hours; making it one of our favourite luxury beauty treats in the world.

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Their Hand and Body washes are also formulated with pure essential oils to leave skin soft, and gently enveloped in therapeutic fragrance. Containing a unique blend of antioxidising pomegranate and Japanese seaweed; they help to soothe your skin and relax your senses. One of our favourites is the Real Luxury Body and Hand wash which contains a therapeutic blend of 24 essential oils including Jasmine, Rosewood and Lavender, which work together to lift your mood, and balance your mind to keep you centred and relaxed.

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Neom Organics Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

Specially formulated for skin which is dry and damaged from stress and environmental aggressors, the Skin Treatment Candle contains a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, soybean oil and almond oil to rehydrate the skin and provide essential moisture. With 24 essential oils suspended in the pure elixir, the candle contains unique therapeutic benefits to help relax you and your mind.

Light the candle and leave to burn for 30 minutes until a therapeutic pool of oil has formed. After blowing out the candle, the wax reaches its perfect temperature for application onto the skin, making it a wondefully relaxing experience. Drizzle the oils over parts of the body which are dry and damaged to leave them feeling soft, nourished and protected.

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