Philip Kingsley Kids Range: Q&A

Philip Kingsley PK Kids Q&A

Philip Kingsley is not only an expert in adult trichology but he has also developed a range for Children called PK Baby.

This range is launching on Lookfantastic today and we were lucky enough to speak to Philips’s Daughter Anabel Kingsley about the new exciting range of hair care for kids.

Anabel is a hair care specialist in her own right; she is currently studying trichology and regularly presents on QVC. Anabel is actively involved in developing new products, so it seems only fitting that she is the person who can answer all the questions we have around children’s hair care.

What is PK Kids?

PK Kids is a group of 3 new products we’re extremely excited about. Not only have they been specifically formulated for the sensitive and delicate hair & scalps of infants, toddlers and children, but, true to Philip Kingsley, they use the most premium and carefully combined ingredients. The PK Kids range includes:

A Shampoo & Body Wash: A dermatologically tested, mild, silky soft and chamomile infused Shampoo & Body Wash designed not to run into the eyes. And, as our clients have found, the easy to use pump makes bath time multi-tasking a lot less messy!

A Detangling Spray: A handy de-tangling spray to make comb-through tear and hassle-free. Containing Aloe Vera extract, it not only boosts shine and condition, but can be used daily in between washes, without causing build up or weight on the hair.

A Children’s Grooming Brush: An adorable mini-brush, small enough to fit into tiny hands. Its rounded pins and a soft cushion ensure the brush is gentle on the hair and scalp, making it the perfect first brush for your mini-me.

Philip Kingsley Kids products

What makes PK Kids unique?

Our team of experts collectively have over 100 years of trichological experience, and consult and listen to mothers on a daily basis: The challenges they face; what they are looking for in a product; and how important their children’s overall wellbeing is. Moreover, having raised 5 children himself, Philip is no stranger to the challenges of bath time! PK Kids is based on this expanse of knowledge and understanding. Its unique design and ingredients take into account both the importance of a hassle-free bath-time and the ingredients needed to balance the delicate flora of your child’s hair and scalp.

What ages can PK Kids be used on?

PK Kids can be used on infants over 4 weeks and up.

Is PK Kids Tear Free?

PK Kids Shampoo & Body wash has a unique silky texture, that we specifically formulated to adhere to the hair, so that it does not run into the eyes.

How long does PK Kids last?

PK Kids is extremely good value. As you only need to use a small amount, the 500ml bumper size bottle lasts up to 6 months – meaning only one repeat purchase a year! That is, unless you choose to use it too…

Can I use PK Kids?

Yes – and we think you’ll find it hard to resist! With its soothing chamomile scent and silky texture, PK Kids makes for the perfect moisturising body wash. In fact, it’s the PK Team’s body wash of choice – including myself! If you have fine hair, you can also use it as a shampoo, but coarser adult hair textures may find it too mild.

How should I wash my baby’s hair/scalp? I’m worried I’ll hurt him/her.

Your baby’s scalp should be bathed along with the rest of his or her body, but very gently. Wet your baby’s hair thoroughly and carefully, ladling warm water on their scalp.  Pour a little shampoo between your hands and smooth over your baby’s hair and scalp. Supporting your baby’s head to lean back, lather the shampoo with a very gentle motion, taking care around the soft area (fontanelle) at the front. Rinse with fresh water from the tap, rather than bath water, to ensure a thorough clean. To dry, gently blot your baby’s hair with a soft towel. Don’t rub or blow-dry; a baby’s hair is fine and their scalp delicate and vulnerable to damage.

How often should I wash my child’s hair?

Shampoo your child’s hair as often as required/permitted. We recommend at least 3 times a week, and always after sports or swimming. Your child’s hair gets just as dirty as their face and clothes at the end of the day, and a build-up of bacteria can make for an itchy scalp. What’s more, getting your child into the habit of a healthy hair care regime when they are young will help ensure happy hair days as they move into their teenage years and beyond!

What is Cradle Cap and will PK Kids Shampoo & Body Wash clear it?

Cradle cap is a very common scalp condition – and is basically an infant form of dandruff. Cradle cap is not harmful in itself, but it may be uncomfortable for your baby.

Consistent use of PK Kids Shampoo & Body Wash will help to prevent cradle cap – and if cradle cap is already an issue, it will also help to clear it. However, at our clinics we have found a little luke-warm olive oil gently dabbed onto the affected area with a cotton wool ball is very helpful. Simply leave on for 5-10 minutes and dab your baby’s scalp with PK Kids Shampoo & Body Wash. Rub his or her scalp gently with the palms of your hands, then rinse off by ladling warm water from your palms to his or her head.

What are your top 3 tips for washing children’s hair?

  1. Don’t pile long hair on-top of the scalp – this can lead to tangling and, stressful de-tangling! Gently lather shampoo into your child’s scalp and let the suds run down the lengths of the hair, every so often running your fingers through it.
  2. Perhaps one of the biggest post bath-time traumatizers is comb through after shampoo. To make comb-through an easy and frown-free experience, use a gentle detangling spray to lightly condition the hair and ease out knots. Our mini kids brush is fantastic, as it allows your little one to comb through their own hair (perhaps with a little help from mum or dad).
  3. Use a brush that is both gentle on the hair and scalp. Bristle brushes and spikey prongs can scratch a child’s sensitive scalp and break his or her delicate individual strands.

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