New to market and exclusive to, Area H2O is an innovative little brand that piqued the interest of all the ladies here at LF HQ.

Founded by hairdresser Patrick Lehane and developed by bio-chemists, the range is scientifically formulated to combat the effects of mineral deposits from different water types on hair. Customers can choose between hard, medium and soft water shampoos and conditioners.

It’s clear to see just from the unique feel packaging of the range that the emphasis is on the science behind the products. The slogan ‘Your water + Our science = Great hair’ is simple but spells out the brand philosophy.

Area H20 Products

Handily, the bottles feature a map with the different water areas clearly marked out. As I live in the South, I selected the hard water products.The Area H20 Hard Water Shampoo is clear in a frosted conical bottle, creating a very clean, clinical look. The product itself has a very pleasant, sweet scent and lathers well. The Area H20 Hard Water Conditioner, which has a white hue and a creamy texture, rinsed out well, leaving my hair feeling very clean and cleansed. The benefits were less flyaways and frizz, and the ability to leave my hair longer between washes a true feel unique finish for your hair.

The Area H20 range is available from with prices starting at just £9.95 Click here to shop now.




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