RANGE REVIEW: Neom Luxury Organics Candles

The Christmas madness is stirring and as much as some people get really excited for this time of year, for the majority it means a stressful calendar of shopping and Christmas parties right through to January.

So this is the perfect time to just sit back and get a few moments to yourself before running around in a fluster.

The Neom Luxury Organics Candle range contains beautifully scented and uniquely packaged candles with different holistic benefits to suit your needs; made using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils to ensure that harmful pollutants, toxins and soot aren’t distributed into your home. Even better, these candles have 3 wicks and last for up to 50 hours.

Neom Luxury Organics Invigorate Home Candle (400g)

Infused with zingy, awakening scents of Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime, Invigorate is the perfect candle to use when you want to lift your mood and fell unique. Use in the morning for a beautiful awakening experience or after a long day if you need a little pick me up.

Neom Luxury Organics Inspiration Home Candle (400g)

Need some motivation for getting up and about? The Inspiration candle from Neom uses Violet, Chamomile & Cedar wood to boost your energy and get you up and moving; a great candle for creating inspiration, when you need that little push to do achieve your goals.

Neom Luxury Organics Cocooning Home Candle (400g)

Using the relaxing scents of Mandarin, Ylang Ylang & Chamomile, the Cocooning candle from Neom induces a calming experience perfect for winding down at the end of a stressful day. With homely and peaceful scents that gently fill the air and ‘cocoon’ you with tranquility.

Find the right Neom candle to suit your needs on site or get a travel sized candle to take away with you.




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