Range Review – Nip+Fab

All this week on Lookfantastic we’re focusing on banishing Cellulite, bringing you the best products and tools to rid your skin of that dreaded orange peel effect.

Nip+Fab is a brand built upon the world of transforming the way you look. Bringing you a range of products designed to target the different areas of your body that need an extra hand in looking great. So whether it be dry skin, cellulite or pigmentation, Nip+Fab has something for you.

Here are some of our favourite products picked for getting us bikini ready for the summer


Nip+Fab Bust Fix


Target wrinkles and pigment change around the neck and bust with plumping agents within Bust Fix.

  • cell active® form – plumps + supports lipid deposition
  • mangosteen – reshapes + sculpts
  • essential cell-boost factor – smooths + firms


Nip+Fab Tummy Fix


Get a smooth, toned and tight stomach with Tummy Fix from Nip+Fab. Perfect for those of us working on getting a slimmer figure for the summer.

  • caffeine active – burns + eliminates fat cells
  • synephrine – smoothes + tightens
  • lecithin – softens + hydrates


Nip+Fab Upper Arm Fix


Struggling with bingo wings? Then the Upper Arm Fix is the solution for you. Working on smoothing and firming your arms and generally making your arms look more toned and softer.

  • caffeine active – burns + eliminates fat cells
  • synephrine – smoothes + tightens
  • lecithin – softens + hydrates


Nip+Fab Stiletto Fix


Make sure that your legs and feet are looking preened and primed for showing off to the world. The Stiletto Fix moisturizes and nourishes your legs.

  • Allantoin to soothe and protect
  • Glycerin to revive and moisturise
  • Peppermint instantly cools and refreshes


Nip+Fab Cellulite Fix


Penetrating skin to ensure that lumps and bumps are no more, Cellulit Fix uses a complex formula to initiate fat breakdown and leave your skin looking and feeling firmer.

  • cell active® shape – sculpts + targets cellulite
  • indian forskolin – firms + activates microcirculation
  • caffeine – burns + eliminates fat cells


Nip+Fab 365 Body Glow Fix


This 365 Body Glow Fix by Nip+Fab is a fast-drying, clear tanning gel that guarantees a streak-free natural looking tan in less than four hours. Easy to apply, this gel formula is also hydrating, allowing for natural, even coverage over face and body.

  • white tea – brightens + refreshes skin
  • vitamin E – moisturisers + protects skin


Nip+Fab Dry Hand Fix


Replenishing moisture and nourishment back into your hands, the Dry Hand Fix re hydrates  the skin on your hands whilst leaving them feeling soft and looking healthy again.

  • aquaxyl™ – 24h moisture + shine
  • amino acids – brighten




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