Removing Halloween Make-up!

Halloween Make-up and Skincare!

Halloween can be a lot of fun and involve a lot of make-up and face paint! However, this can affect your skin and it is important to make sure you not only take it off at the end of the day, but ensure that your skin is properly moisturised and cared for after! While putting it on may take its time, sometimes taking it off can be just as much hassle – obviously not taking it off is not even an option!

Makeup and paints can not only cause irritation to the skin and eyes, but due to certain ingredients, can actually result in breakouts, dry skin and severe rashes. This is why it is essential to remove all traces before bed. To help you we have put together a simple guide to make this process as easy as possible!


The type of make-up will determine what cleansing routine you need to follow; for example if you have used heavy face paint, you will need to spend longer ensuring that you give your skin a thorough cleanse to remove all trace elements. Lighter make-up will mean that you can follow your usual cleansing routine…easy!

Before You Begin

Most Halloween looks include the use of heavy eyelashes and contact lenses, so make sure you remove these first. Make sure you are extremely gentle when removing these as the skin around and on your eyes is very delicate and you don’t want to tear your lashes. Start with soaking a cotton ball into a lotion cleanser (Avène Micellar Lotion Cleanser, Estée Lauder Makeup Remover Lotion) and leave on for a few minutes, and then wipe off gently. This will get rid of most glue, and any lotion that is left can be washed off in the next steps.

Follow this with anything else you may have stuck on such as hair, cotton and teeth using a similar method to remove excess glue. You can also get adhesive remover for strong adhesives.

Water Based Paints

Water based products are the ideal paints of choice as these tend to be the easiest to remove and they don’t tend to clog your pores. Use a good foam cleanser such as the Caudalie Foaming Cleanser or Jurlique Cleansing Mousse and wash away as normal. If your makeup is heavier, then repeat the process and this should do the trick. You will have squeaky clean skin in no time!


Normal Makeup

If you decide to use your usual makeup, then following your normal cleansing routine should be sufficient, although your may need to do it twice. Try to squeeze in a quick gentle exfoliation to give your skin a deeper clean. My favourite is the Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant or the Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator.

Cream and Oil Based Products

These tend to be the hardest to get off without making more of a mess! This is because oil and water just don’t work together. Start off using some Coconut Oil and cotton balls and gently remove the paint in circular motions. Oil is attracted to oil and therefore it makes a great makeup remover as well. If your skin tends to get oily then wash your face with your regular cleanser to remove all residue build-up. You can also use jojoba and baby oil for this.

Hair Care



Hair tends to go through some crazy hair styles for Halloween as well; from a monstrous amount of back combing and hairsprays, to temporary hair colours and wigs. Although most of these will come off with shampoo, it is essential to use a deep moisturiser to bring your hair back to health. Use Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Treatment or try the Kérastase Nutritive Masque – both work wonders for you hair!

After Care

Make sure to apply a rich moisturiser after cleansing to put back all the moisture and nutrients in to your skin. Some of my favourites include Vichy Idealia Sleep Skin and the Murad Hydro Dynamic.

Make sure to follow these tricks, and treat your skin this Halloween! Remember to tag your #LFHaul on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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