It’s getting warmer outside (if only a little) the days are getting a little longer and summer is finally in our sights! With the changing weather your skincare routine inevitably changes and because putting winter firmly behind me always gets me in the mood for a spring clean – I thought I’d do a spring skin clean, and share it with you. So I got to work trying the best skincare on the market to offer my recommendations, and a top-to-toe skin care make-over that works as an essential guide to holistic health, beauty and more…

Spring Skin Eyes and Body


Body: Korres – Guava Body Butter £12.50 Delivered.

This celeb favourite is something I’ve been desperate to try for a while, and with summer on its way what better time to ensure my whole body is feeling nourished? I always worry about the state of the skin on my body right before pre-holiday tanning, whether it’s just a bank holiday weekend on the beach, or a week abroad we all want to make sure we are looking our best on the beach. The Korres guava body butter is the perfect treat to make sure our body is utterly prepared to be on show, its rich luxurious moisture made me feel satisfyingly refreshed; my skin was left soft, supple and smooth. It was quick absorbing so I didn’t need to leave it long before I waited for it to dry.

Eyes: Mama Mio – Eye Know £27.50 Delivered.

My eyes are a real problem area for me, for someone so young I have lines and crow’s feet already. I’m also very fair skinned and the skin around my eyes is so clear that you can see all the veins and dark bags – I feel like this really unfairly ages me and I always look tired.  This high protein moisturising eye serum is renowned for de-puffing and de-bagging properties so I was excited about giving it a go – and I wasn’t let down! When I opened the package I found a cute little Eye Know all-in-one Eye serum that hydrates, de-puffs and de-wrinkles in seconds! I found it was perfect to cover up a naughty late night and I wanted to cover those tell-tale dark bags quickly. The only problem is because it works instantly, giving yourself twinklyeyes and constantly topping it up could become addictive!

Spring Skin Lips Scent Face


Face: Skin Doctors – Youthcell Face Cream £29.95 Delivered.

When I first applied the light cream it felt cold and there was an immediately soothing and refreshing sensation. I started using the youthcell about 6 weeks ago, and it was a couple of weeks in that I noticed the subtle change in my skin.  The brand boasts the use of stem cell technology and I was sceptical at first, but after a while I noticed that it my skin was actually feeling firmer and the expression lines were reduced.

Lips: LP Lip Therapy Gel £20.00 Delivered.

I’m a big wearer of lipcolour, I love lipstick and gloss – and I like changing them whenever I change my outfit; but the only problem with this is that it can dry out my lips. I’ve tried many different lip moisturisers in my time and sometimes I’ve found that the hydrating properties last only straight after application, and the affects are disappointingly short lived. Dr Linda Papadopoulos’ collection is therapeutic solution to de-stress the skin and make it better, so I thought this might help my dry lipsheal. I ran the smooth orange scented oil over my lips and immediately felt soothed, but would it last? Yes! Finally a long-lasting solution to soft sumptuous pout! I found LP Skin Therapy Lip Gel was a great solution to maintain moisture and was and because this blended balm is only very subtly coloured I could use it on top, or underneath lip colour. It also seemed to have a plumping affect on mylips – an added bonus!

Scent: JASON – Aloe Vera Fragrance Deodorant £5.00 Delivered.

I’m always on the lookout for something gentle and long lasting to soothe my underarms, and this JASON aloe vera deodorant stick certainly does that. Its rich and calming scent was noticeable but not too overpowering, and I didn’t feel aware of my underarms feeling too dry or too wet throughout the day. Plus I feel good about putting something totally natural in my most intimate places, it gives me peace of mind; as no one really likes the idea of a having harsh chemicals on our most sensitive places… Thumbs (and arms) up!

… There we just too many exciting spring inspired products to bring you in one go! Watch this space for part 2…

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