Spread your wings and flutter away!

With the comforting kisses of mistress-summer landing few and far between, we are fast becoming beholden to the looming autumn grind. With darker nights and dimmer days, its no wonder the entire fashion univerblack-eyese ruled long ago to add some promising sparkle to this dull seasonal transition. The annual deadline for all forthcoming fashion trends is launched each September with the ascendancy of London Fashion Week. 25years on and the glossies are filled with thrilling new frocks and chops. Imagine my excitement as the classic and elegant designs glide down the catwalk and I swiftly realise that in their simplistic lustre- I am left lashings of room for statement make-up!

I once described the fun a girl has in the application of make-up as comparable to pre school picture painting. Admittedly I got some bemused looks?! But I’m sure any self-respecting cosmetic junkie will agree that each application is a personal work of art and the possibilities are endless! (Golden rule: Not to mix too many colours and be sure to leave enough blank canvas for appreciation!) Just as well this season you’ll see ocular opulence cropping up in abundance, with lavish lashes and dark smoky lids. Autumn’s ‘winged-eye’ will add some von-tease to any classic couture number.

Unlike its 80’s predecessor, the smoky statement eye is now going solo, remove all traces of brazen-scarlet lipstick and let your pout bare all. Coupling this ‘extremist versus minimalist’ style with the strong lines and sharp edges of the catwalk, your alluring eyes will surely win you a few long stares. Deep plums and smoky denim replace ebony shades along with a lifting sweep of eyeliner glitter to make an uber glamorous finishing touch.

As with any dramatic style, things can quite easily slip from stunning statement to dramatically dreadful! With a fair few cracking experiences under my belt, let me give you a few invaluable tips to assist your way to smouldering siren and you can be the first to strut those lids and spread your brand new ‘wings’.


Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet

Kicking off the proceedings with Too Faced Eyeshadow Candy Bar in Black Liquorice, sweep a lighter grey colour over mid to top of lid, creating a soft but smoky base for you to build your masterpiece. Never start with a base-colour too dark, light layers of colour will prevent your luscious lids from sporting the ‘long, hard night’ look.

Choose either a plush plum or deep navy feature colour such as Urban Decay Deluxe Eye shadow in Fishnet, this partially smoky, partially metallic mauve will give you eyes a colourful lift whilst still remaining dark and mysterious.

Now to create the infamous ‘eye wings’ you must make the inevitable decision: Are you a liquid eye liner pro with a grip as steady as a bomb diffusing veteran? Or like the most of us, do one too many late nights and a slightly misty mirror leave your precision eye line techniques a lot to be desired? For perfect Polly, there is the classic swipe of shimmering Urban Decay Liquid Liner Oil Slick, to give you a sparkly swoop that will lift you all the way to couture status. Run a fine line over the top of your lid and outward in an upwards motion to create a ‘youthful flick’ (anything that involves the upward motion is considered youthful don’t forget!).

If you are an average steady-eddy then stick to creating your seductive wings with a dark and smoky shadow like Duwop Smoke Palette – Navy Seal in the same upward motion remembering less is always more. Well, in this case ?

Finale your new seductress look with The RMK Ingenious Pencil Eyeliner 02 in Deep Gray to create the lower lid statement and ultimately completing you testimony to the brand new autumn 2009 make-up style in the ‘blink of an eye’!



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