Super beauty!

I’ve just been having a browse through the old blog posts, and with a slight scare it’s made me realise just how quickly time has passed. It only seems like yesterday that we were talking about all the up and coming Autumn/Winter 08 trends, and all of a sudden Spring/Summer 09 is dawning upon us. With the flurry of new clothes lines entering the shops and the hair and beauty industry starting to express their inspirations for the coming sunnier months, it’s made me think that actually we are through the worst of the winter gloomy months (and once today is out of the way, the most depressing day of the year apparently!) we can look forward to the joys of lighter mornings, longer evenings and warmer weather, hurrah!!

With that in mind and especially as we are bang in the middle of January, everyone’s natural instinct is to have a good spring clean, and I’m not meaning at home, I’m referring to the cleansing of your body! We all know that detox’s can be harsh and scary, and a big effort, asking you to abstain from everything tasty, leaving you with hunger pangs that are beyond bearable. So instead of depriving yourself of all things delightful, how about taking it one step at a time and leading a slightly more virtuous life by checking out the benefits of the ever popular ‘superfoods.’

Not only fantastic for boosting your immune system and helping to cleanse your body from the inside out, these wonder foods and now being incorporated in all the best and must-have hair and beauty products around. With that in mind we have come up with 10 top ‘superfoods’ and not only looked at what they have to offer but also how they can improve your hair and skin from the outside in! Surely combating all your beauty woes from both sides can only leave you with beautiful, flawless concerns!

We’d love to hear what crazy or ludicrous detox plans you have followed in the past or maybe present and your funny or maybe not so funny stories from them, but please, do keep it clean!!!!




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