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Astonishingly miracle skincare – Argentum.

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The Story…

Founder Joy Isaacs was born and brought up in South Africa. Whenever her or her sister would fall, graze their knees and get cuts or burns, their mother would treat them with Colloidal Silver to heal the wound. It was even used when her sister suffered from acne, and managed to keep her skin clear and blemish-free. After moving to London and beginning a family, Joy continued to rely on Colloidal Silver to care and treat for her three sons.  When she underwent surgery in 2010, her doctor used wound dressings which were infused with silver to help heal her faster, and she decided to begin the Argentum skincare line; collaborating with Dr. Gilbert Mouzin, a pioneering scientist in the field of dermo-cosmetics. At the heart of the collection is the use of silver to help treat skin conditions, whilst keeping skin healthy and clear. Their message is clear…to deliver unique and powerful skincare; they do this both effortlessly and perfectly. With just two products in the Argentum line, they have been formulated to perform to the very best and deliver outstanding and long-lasting results.

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Colloidal Silver | what are the benefits?

Colloidal Silver has many skincare benefits which can help keep skin clear and healthy. It is antibacterial, which means that it can help to fight blemishes and acne. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient; helping to increase the rate of cell healing and recovery whilst reducing any swelling.

What makes Argentum different?

The Argentum skincare collection has been formulated using two powerful ingredients: Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. Silver Hydrosol is a very refined and purified branch of Colloidal silver, and acts as an incredibly potent and natural anti-bacterial agent. DNA HP is an aquatic ingredient which increases collagen and elastin production, cell regeneration, whilst boosting hydration and keeping moisture in the skin cells. As a powerful anti-oxidant, it helps to deliver add radiance and luminosity to the skin, and together, the two ingredients make an effective elixir to deliver the highest level of care to the skin.

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The Products

La Potion Infinie

Formulated from 99.5% natural origins, this anti-ageing cream is a revolutionary product in the beauty world! Made from a base of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, the cream has exceptional skin health benefits which work deep into the cells to deliver amazing results. The moisturiser can be used up to twice daily to help prevent wrinkles, battle blemishes and erase acne, whilst at the same time, delivering essential nutrients into the skin to keep it healthy.

La Lotion Infine

Made with the same base as La Potion Infinie, La Lotion is for the body in lieu of the face. Combining both Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP, the body cream delivers exceptional results; healing the skin from the outside in. The cream absorbs instantly without leaving any sticky residue to leave your skin soft and smooth.

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