THE Skincare Routine | Protect!

Protect your skin to keep it healthy and glowing!

After you have cleansed and treated your skin, it is essential that you lock in hydration and protect it from future damage.  Sealing in the nutrients from your Treatments is extremely important so that your skin is properly nourished.

Eye-cream: Always start your Protection Routine with the eye-cream! When it is applied before other products, the cream absorbs into the areas which need it most, such as dry skin or dark circles. Choose one which is suitable for your skin type and needs. I always advocate using an anti-ageing eye cream from the mid 20’s to slow down the ageing process as the skin around the eyes is very delicate and can show signs of age very quickly.

My favourites include: Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm, Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream, and Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler

Moisturiser: These can do a lot more than moisturise as they provide essential nutrients and vitamins to build healthy cell structures; adding hydration and preventing water loss.
Moisturisers should also be used by those with oily skin as they can provide much needed nutrients which can balance out the oiliness.  Just make sure you choose one designed for your skin type such as the Dr Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Oil Free Mositurise.


Day-Time Delights!

The Skincare Regimen is a little different for the day-time but is just as important! Start with a simple cleanser and toner to cleanse the skin from dead skin cells that can accumulate overnight. Apply a lightweight serum that can be easily absorbed into your skin, and follow with a light moisturiser, and then the most important step – sunscreen!

I cannot put enough importance on the use of sunscreens.  They not only protect your skin from sun burn but also help your skin against aging, and developing skin cancers.  Choose a sunscreen which is at least an SPF 30 and use it every day – even when the sun is not shining! In winter this is extremely important as the sun can reflect off surfaces such as ice and snow, so you need to take extra care of your skin. A lot of people dislike using sunscreens due to misconceptions that they are thick and sticky, however most come in extremely lightweight formulations. My favourite range is the Anthelios by La-Roche Posay, and includes products to suit the whole family.


Give your skin some love and care for 10 minutes every day, and your will see the changes very quickly!

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