As the leaves are turning colour and dropping and the evenings are getting darker earlier it is all to clear that we are deep into Autumn now. And with Autumn there are always key events, Halloween and Bonfire night are just round the corner, Children in Need is gearing up for its night of festivities and ‘Think Pink’ day is also looming.

October is the month for all things pink, Breast Cancer awareness charities use this month to campaign and raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause (Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, with more than 44,000 women diagnosed each year.)

Here at lookfantastic we will be daring to ‘wear it pink’ on the 31st October and having our own little cake fair to raise as much money as we can. But to make raising money for these noble charities easier, we have put together a guide of selected hair and beauty that contribute to the supporting charities. So not only do you get to have your favourite product in daring pink, but you will also be making a valid and worthy donation to help find a cure to this life threatening and common cancer.

Click here to see if anything tickles your fancy.

So Think Pink!



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