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Where you are in the UK can affect your hair in different ways, this is because the water from one area of the country can be harder or softer than that of another. Area H20 has recognized the need to adapt your hair care routine to the type of water in your area, developing hair care sets for each water type to give you improved results in the health of your hair

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Patrick Lehane & AreaH20

Patrick Lehane & AreaH20

Q&A’s for Look Fantastic

 Q. I live in London – why does my hair always feel so drab?

A. Different types of water affect your hair in different ways. London is a predominantly hard water area and causes scaling; just think what it does to your kettle and you can imagine what your hair has to cope with!  Once evaporated, hard water leaves behind mineral deposits known as limescale which remain on the hair after shampooing, leaving it rough and harder to untangle. Hard water also doesn’t lather well with soap and leaves a ‘less than clean’ feeling. So now you know why your hair isn’t looking its best!

 Q. How does AreaH20 actually work?

A. When our bio-chemists looked at water hardness, they found that metal ions, which are present in all types of water, react with shampoo to form mineral deposits that cling to the hair. Area H20 shampoo is designed to act as a magnet, attracting mineral ions and allowing you to wash them away far more easily. This means your hair will feel cleaner, smoother, shinier and less flyaway.

 Q. Will I see a difference if I use AreaH20?

A. For sure.  You’ll notice that AreaH20 lathers better using less water so your hair will be more thoroughly cleansed.  Because mineral deposits will be washed away, your hair will also be visibly less flyaway with a smoother, shinier texture.

 Q. I’ve used AreaH20 before & I found that my hair felt very tangled while shampooing? It almost felt too clean! Why is that?

A. This is perfectly normal and is just part of the science. When you wash your hair for the first couple of times, you’ll notice it will feel rougher. This is because the hair cuticles are opening up to wash out the mineral deposits. Once dry, the cuticles will lie flat again. After you’ve used AreaH20 for a few times you’ll notice this less and less as the mineral ions are no longer there.

Q. I live in the countryside and our water is fairly soft. Is AreaH20 just for hard water regions?

A. No even soft water can cause scaling and you still need a shampoo that will work with your water type.  You’ll probably find that soft water lathers better but leaves a ‘slippery feeling’ on the skin. The chemical reason for this is down to the sodium content of softened water which reduces its ability to combine with the soap film making it more difficult to rinse off.

 Q. Is this why hair always feels better on holiday?

A. Hair will certainly feel different when you’re abroad but you’ll still need a shampoo that’s tailored to that particular area. Water in foreign countries can be treated or untreated and this will affect the variant you should use. Untreated water contains more metallic ions so you’ll need AreaH20 for Hard Water. Treated water contains less metallic ions so the Soft Water variant should suffice.

 Q. What if my hair is coloured? Is AreaH20 still safe to use or will it strip my hair of colour?

AreaH20 is available in a Coloured version for all water regions. This variant contains anti-fade and conditioning based ingredients so it’s safe to use for hair that has been recently coloured.


We have 30 sets from the AreaH20 range to giveaway!

All you have to do is leave a comment below detailing which hair care set you need for your area, by looking at the map.

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