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Everyone knows how damaged your hair can get in the summer, but the winter months are sometimes neglected. The sudden drop in temperature can cause all kinds of moisture loss problems, the lack of sunshine means we don’t get as much vitamin D as necessary, and the harsh frosty winds can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Mix that with the constant heat changes from central heating and air conditioning and your hair is having quite a hard time.

We have put together some helpful haircare tips, for you to maintain natural healthy locks whatever the weather outside. Here are our top tips to making sure your hair is cared for during the winter.

Always Dry Your Hair

Drying your hair before you leave the house will not only save your hair, but it will save your health. Taking those few extra minutes in the morning will help in preventing you getting the coughs and sniffles, one step closer to being healthy throughout the winter. Drying your hair will also prevent it from reaching temperatures that are too cold for it, preventing breakage and restoring vitality. Always remember to use a heat protector spray when blow drying, to lock in the moisture your hair needs.

Choose Something Simple

In winter its best to choose a style that’s simple and easy to do, not using too many styling tools such as straightening irons, to let your hair rest. Not messing with your hair during the day will also benefit the maintenance and feel of your hair, preventing the cause of shedding and those dreaded split ends.

An Oily Treat

Choose a Hair Oil to suit your hair type, whether it is curly, straight, frizzy etc… Use this hair oil to calm and supply the hair with nutrients, applying to damp hair or dry hair, ensure that the oil is dispersed throughout the hair, style as normal or leave to dry and you’ll instantly see the results of this miracle product.

We recommend Moroccan Oil Treatment; with rave reviews this wonder worker transforms your hair to leave it perfectly rejuvenated. Also recommended Kerastase Elixir Ultime  and L’Oreal Mythic Oil are both rich in essentials oils, and target dry and damaged hair replenishing it with moisture to give you shiny, malleable locks that look healthy.

 Work It In

Using a deep conditioner every week or two is a great idea in the winter months, it gives your hair the chance to re-balance and reclaim the moisture lost. To battle the hair blues that take over during the winter; picking a intensive treatment mask like L’Oreal Intensive treatment masque, or for finer hair try Redken Instant Bodifier, making sure you really work in the goodness. These conditioning treatments restore the nutrients lost due to the cold weather, giving it healthy shine and restored volume.






Finally Supplements

In the winter you don’t get as much sunshine and therefore vitamin D as you do in the summer months, so it is important to supplement this by taking a multivitamin or hair and nails growth supplement, such as Viviscal or True Woman Hair and nails. These supplements will help with hair growth and strength through the colder months, making sure you hair still looks full and glossy for the party season.

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