Aveda Dry Remedy Range

Aveda Dry Remedy Range

We are in love with the amazing Dry Remedy range from Aveda, one of our favourite Eco-friendly brands. Discover all about the amazing ingredients in this range as well as the social initiatives that Aveda run in order to support local farmers in Brazil. You can have beautiful hair and a happy conscience!

What is the Dry Remedy Range?

The Aveda Dry Remedy range has been created using the amazing natural Buriti plant. The Buriti plant grows along the rivers and water sources deep in the Brazilian forest and it is known for its moisturising oil. The whole range is designed to be lightweight but nourishing, with a patented deep-moisture complex. This complex includes the organic Buriti Oil, Pomegranate and Oilive Oils for soft, supple, shiny hair.

The reformulated Dry Remedy range features a fresh new herbal, lightly floral aroma with organic lavender, bergamot and ginger lily, so it smells amazing. All of the products in the range contain the Buriti Oil, but the standout product is the Dry Remedy daily moisturizing oil. This is a 99.9% naturally-derived, daily leave-in treatment formulated without Silicones. Thanks to the Buriti Oil, it instantly moisturises dry, brittle hair and ends by 41% without weighing it down or leaving behind a greasy residue.

The Aveda Eco Philisophy

Aveda are leading the way with Eco-friendly beauty products. They look at how they can make the ‘Aveda Difference’ in all aspects of their company, from the packaging you buy, right through to the communities who grow their ingredients. The Dry Remedy range and its Buriti Oil are prime examples of Aveda’s philosophy in action.

Eco Beauty Packaging

Aveda is a pioneer in the beauty industry when it comes to sustainability. They are proud to be the first prestige beauty company to combine PCR (Post Consumer Resin, made from recycling) and Bioplastic (from renewable sources like vegetable oils and corn starch). This uses less traditional plastic, reducing the use of fossil fuels. Both the Dry Remedy moisturizing conditioner and moisturizing masque tubes use this revolutionary Eco packaging.

Sourcing Sustainable Ingredients

Using ingredients from around the world can have a negative impact on local communities and environments. Aveda work to make sure that they can bring you the best of ingredients from around the world, whilst ensuring that they do so sustainably. The Buriti Oil in the Dry Remedy range is a prime example.

Buriti Oil is harvested from the fruit of the Moriche Palm, aka the ‘tree of life’. In North-eastern Brazil, the people of Piaui, say ‘where there is Buriti there is water’ because the tree grows along rivers. The Moriche Palm gives the people of Piaui everything they need; they eat the fruit, harvest the oil and use its leaves to cover houses.

Aveda make sure that the Buriti Oil they use helps support the people of Piaui. They work with a Brazilian company Beraca who, like Aveda, are dedicated to improving lives in the communities from which they source ingredients. In fact, this family business has won numerous awards for their commitment to sustainability, and efforts to preserve biodiversity and traditional cultures. Beraca purchases Buriti Oil from men and women who have joined together in co-ops to produce it. The co-ops ensure fair prices and decent wages for these rural communities. This then means that Aveda are able to buy the highest quality, certified Organic Buriti Oil through sustainable means.

Helping local communities

As well as ensuring ingredients are properly sourced, Aveda looks at what it can do to support local communities and help them preserve their way of life. There are communities in Piaui that are threatened by drought and lack of clean water.  In the last few years, it has become more challenging. Many desperate farmers have abandoned their land, hoping to find jobs in the city, but opportunities are limited. Most would prefer to stay home, but without water they can’t. Some people have neither electricity nor clean water. Some only have a well that is too shallow to provide safe water.

Aveda are working with Beraca and the Global Greengrants Fun to drill four deep wells in the region over the next couple of years. This will allow communities access the pure, clean water which is deep underground and help people stay in their homes.


These are only some examples of Aveda’s mission in action, but you can be sure that your hair feels extra beautiful when you know that every purchase is helping to do some good.



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