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Pureology: the clean, natural haircare brand for coloured hair

Pureology: the clean, natural haircare brand for coloured hair
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Pureology was born in California in 2001 with one simple goal: to create the very best, clean products for coloured hair.

Pureology recognised that our hair changes from the moment it is exposed to colour. The outer layer of the hair, known as the cuticle, gets lifted and stressed, leaving the hair more vulnerable to damage with a rough, dry texture. The Pureology range was developed to help to protect and restore what colour treated hair needs most.

The "No Nasties" Movement

Pureology products have always been developed with purity and good health in mind, poineering the 'no nasties' movement in haircare. Each of their products are free from Sulphates and 100% vegan, made only clean, natural ingredients.

Pureology believe that taking the best nature has to offer is the route to colourful hair and a bright, sustainable future.

Instead of Sulphates, a form of salt which actually strips colour from the hair, Pureology use a blend of Corn, Coconut and Sugar to gently cleanse the hair without disrupting or altering your beautiful colour. Hair stays soft and hydrated and your colour stays vibrant.

The combination of antioxidants and UVA/UVB filters that make up Pureology's AntiFade Complex help to protect the hair against sun and environmental damage ensuring your colour's vibrancy.

Dual-Benefit Formulas

Pureology's dual-benefit formulas mean there are no compromises when it comes to caring for coloured hair. They understand that 'coloured hair' should not be a stand alone category. Coloured hair can be thin, curly or dehydrated and formulas which simply only cater to protecting colour do not do enough for many hair types.

All Pureology formulas are also enriched with aromatherapy fragrances, creating an indulgent experience everytime you wash your hair.

Following their launch, word spread quickly and Pureology became the go-to hair products for beauty editors, expert colourists and customers alike.

The Hero Range: Pureology Clean Volume

Winner of the Marie Claire Hair Award 2018 for Best Natural Haircare Range, the Pureology Clean Volume System is the perfect range to help to transform and boost fine, flat hair.

Many volumising haircare products leave your hair feeling tacky and heavy, packed full of product. The award-winning Pureology Clean Volume System has been specially designed with a body-boosting formula that weightlessly elevates hair strands for a light, airy, full-bodied finish.

  • Pureology Clean Volume Gift Set (Worth £60.50)

    Pureology Clean Volume Gift Set (Worth £60.50)

    5 Stars 1 Reviews

Combined with Pureology's superior colour protection, the Clean Volume Range gently removes volume-inhibiting buildup whilst replenishing and detangling your hair.

Flexible volumisers, fortifying Wheat Protein and Aloe Water help hair to retain moisture whilst elimating oil for cleansed, hydrated locks.

With so many wonderful benefits, it isn't suprising that the Pureology Clean Volume System is the a favourite of many beauty editors and hair stylists.

A Volumising Haircare Routine with Pureology

  1. Cleanse your hair with the Pureology Clean Volume Shampoo. Work the rich product into a lather and massage through your hair. Gently cleansing away impurities, the volumising shampoo works to elimate buildup whilst enriching the hair with Aloe Water to add fullness to the hair.
  2. Apply the Pureology Clean Volume Conditioner to the ends of your hair to help to nourish and detangle. The lightweight formula deeply hydrates your hair without weighing it down creating beautiful body.
  3. Lightly towel dry your hair, removing the majority of the moisture.
  4. Whilst your hair is still damp, spray the Pureology Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist into your roots. As a leave in blow-dry spray, the Levitation Mist adds weightless volume whilst acting as a heat protectant, protecting your hair from the heat of styling tools.
  5. Blow dry your hair to create maximum volume. Focus on create height at your roots for a full bodied appearance.
  • Pureology Clean Volume Colour Care Shampoo 250ml

    Pureology Clean Volume Colour Care Shampoo 250ml

    4.13 Stars 8 Reviews
  • Pureology Clean Volume Colour Care Conditioner 250ml

    Pureology Clean Volume Colour Care Conditioner 250ml

    4.43 Stars 7 Reviews
  • Pureology Clean Volume Levitation Mist 145ml

    Pureology Clean Volume Levitation Mist 145ml

    2 Stars 1 Reviews



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