A Flawless Makeup Application with the brushworks HD Miracle Sponge

A Flawless Makeup Application with the brushworks HD Miracle Sponge

A flawless makeup application requires two elements; the right face base, and the right tool. Enter brushworks HD.

The brand pride themselves on being the perfect foundation tool, and they aren’t even a brush. They’re a silicone sponge. Yes, you heard that right.

In recent months, the rise of the silicone sponge has been unprecedented in the beauty world. Famed for their non-absorbent texture, they are raved about by bloggers and artists, thanks to their ability to apply makeup flawlessly by using minimal product.

Why do we love the brushworks HD Miracle Sponge?

This Christmas, we worked with the brand to create an exclusive silicone sponge to tie in with our stunning Beauty in Wonderland campaign.

The sponges themselves are allergy-free, and don’t tickle the skin like regular brushes. Plus, because they’re not made with individual fibres, you don’t get any fallout, so the sponge retains its high quality for much longer.

The sponge itself is ultra-hygienic, and doesn’t hold onto bacteria like regular brushes, which makes it a great beauty tool if you have combination or breakout-prone skin.  They are super easy to clean, and will dry in seconds, meaning you can wash each morning for complete protection and apply makeup straight away.


Is it a sponge? Or something less soft?
Comprised of silicone, it spreads like a gloss.
Foundation and face bases glide over the skin,
Without spilling a drop or leaving a patchy chin.
Our limited edition Brush is beautifully blue,
To remind you of Wonderland and a finish so true.



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