Lierac Skincare

Lierac Skincare

Lierac is a brand which truly believes that beauty is ageless. With their products just launching on Lookfantastic, we thought we would guide you through how they tailor their skincare for customers in their 30s, 40s, 50s and at any age.

Lierac – Skincare for all ages direct from Paris

  1. 30’s

    In our 30’s, many of us will encounter dehydration and the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles. Lierac believe this problem is caused by a lack of oxygen that conditions the production of moisture captors in the skin. The more oxygen your skin gets, the more hydrated it is. Their HYDRA O2 complex aims to combat this by increasing oxygenation of the cells to create rehydrated and plumped up skin.

  2. 40’s

    Lierac pinpoint a loss of firmness and radiance in our skin when we reach our 40’s, resulting in wrinkles and irregular skintone. The main cause of this is believed to be the aging in the glycoxidation of the skin’s active proteins (the part of our face which is responsible for its youthful look). To combat this, Lierac have created their DETOXIFYING ANTI-WRINKLE CARE in order to reduce lines and improve firmness and radiance.

  3. 50’s

    As we enter our 50’s, it’s likely that we will experience visible wrinkles and a loss of volume to the face. That structured look that so many of us crave is lost thanks to slackened facial skin. For this, Lierac offer their LIFTISSIME 3D LIFTING CARE range. Modelled on the aesthetic technique of the face-lift, this range aims to reshape the face, restore structure and reduce wrinkles.

  4. Any age

    Lierac’s PREMIUM ABSOLUTE ANTI-AGING range is a great product to have in your beauty box at any age to prevent the signs of wrinkles and blemishes. Based on slowing down tissue regeneration found in stem cell research, this range offers repair of damaged tissues and self-renewal for customers of any age.



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