Magnitone Vibra-Sonic™ Technology

Magnitone Vibra-Sonic™ Technology

We know that everyone has been loving the new era of cleansing with the Magnitone cleansing systems. But what is it that makes these cleansing brushes so much better than using an old-fashioned face cloth? We have all the information on the Vibra-Sonic™ technology behind the amazing cleansing power of the Magnitone.

What is Vibra-Sonic™ Technology?

Vibra-Sonic™ technology is what makes Magnitone special. This is their uniquely developed technology which works to cleanse skin better and more deeply than traditional methods. If you’ve tried a Magnitone cleansing brush before, you will know about that zingy, fresh, energised feeling you have after a cleanse. That amazing feeling is all down to the Vibra-Sonic™ Technology. It is a mix of  sonic oscillations and pulsed vibrations, that together clean deeply and help boost your skin.

How does Vibra-Sonic™ Technology work?

The Vibra-Sonic™ technology helps leave skin looking cleaner, brighter and fresher. It does this in three ways:

First, it exfoliates the skin by clearing dead skin cells to unveil fresh, youthful skin underneath. Second, the rapid oscillations and vibrations help pull dirt and impurities out of pores, to leave skin totally clean and clear. Finally, the vibrations in the Pulse Lift™ Toning mode stimulate circulation for toned, bright skin

You just need to cleanse with your Magnitone for a minute each day and you will have gorgeously energised, smooth and glowing skin! It couldn’t be easier.



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