We all the the feeling of a fresh pedicure. But not all of us have the time or pennies to head for a pedicure regularly. Now you can keep your feet beautiful from home thanks to the MICRO Pedi.

The MICRO Pedi is an innovative device created to soften your feet by buffing away dry, rough and cracked skin. Going above and beyond traditional scrapers and graters to give you a smooth finish without irritation or difficulty. It is absolutely the perfect tool for getting your your feet prepped for those sling-back heels and sandals.

How does the MICRO Pedi work?

The secret behind MICRO Pedi is the advanced micro-mineral roller that spins 360⁰ at an amazing 30 times per second. The ergonomic silicone grip handle is perfect for providing you with flawless control whilst you soften your feet, and the water-resistant taper-angled head allows you to get to hard to reach places effortlessly.

The perfect partner for those who can’t afford a pedicure regularly, the battery powered MICRO Pedi contains two interchangeable rollers with varying surfaces to give you a softer or tougher affect depending on how much TLC your feet are needing.

Benefits of the MICRO Pedi

  • The spinning action removes dry skin quickly and easily
  • The interchangeable rollers allow you to work on tougher skin
  • Ergonomic silicone grip handle for ease of use
  • No need for harsh chemicals

What people think of the MICRO PEDI

This is one of those products that everyone adores, professionals and customers alike!

The results are beyond belief. By effectively removing hard, dry and cracked skin with minimal effort, the results are fantastic – amazing, smooth, soft feet. David Barton, celebrity nail artist at Percy & Reed salon.

I have been going to a Chiropodist every six weeks for the past 15 years and in between visits I have used a pumice stone. My Micro Pedi was delivered today and after about 4 minutes use my feet are smoother than they have ever been. I am amazed and delighted; I would recommend this product to anybody. Thank you so much! Margaret Grant

Wow this product really is amazing. It left my feet so soft and it lasts quite a while too before having to do it again. I’ve told everyone to get one of these and quite a few friends have bought one and agree that it’s amazing. No more time consuming foot files!  Fay Peacock

I am utterly astounded by this product. The last time my feet felt so smooth I’d paid a vast amount of money for a pedicure. The product is stylish, easy to use and does what is says it does. The amount of time and energy I expended using a hand file is history. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is one product that will get regular use. I am so delighted with it.  Helena Schmidt




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