The Skiing Equipment you need

You have packed your bags with your skiing equipment. You have your thermals, ski boots and of course skis, but have you remembered to pack your skin care? The slopes are a great place to get some exercise, be with friends and enjoy yourself, but the extreme cold weather means that your skin needs extra nourishment and protection to stay hydrated and healthy.

Luckily Estée Lauder has mountain skin care covered with some great products, and here at Lookfantastic, we have some great tips on how to keep your skin in great condition. Together, we are filling you in on the skiing equipment you really need on the slopes to keep your complexion radiant and rosy this ski season.

The Best Beauty Products to take Skiing

Advanced Night Repair

This is Estée Lauder’s bestselling serum to help weatherproof the skin from environmental aggressors. The colder weather on the mountain can dry out your skin and leave it feeling tight and looking dull. Using this Advanced Complex Serum will keep it hydrated, radiant and healthy while you sleep.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

As one of the areas on your body with the most delicate skin, your eyes need extra protection in the cold. This Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum will eliminate dryness and fine lines. As you are exercising all day, you may also feel tired, so this will also help to combat dark circles and puffiness!

Revitalizing Supreme Creme

When you are heading out on the slopes, your skin needs a moisturiser that will keep it hydrated all-day long. This Revitalizing Creme is extremely robust and will keep your skin strong and healthy even through that cold mountain air!

Revitalizing Supreme Body Creme

Don’t forget to look after the skin on your body while you are exercising! The new Revitalizing Supreme Body Creme is extremely nourishing and conditions the skin. It is the perfect treatment to massage into your skin after a long day on the slopes.

Advanced Anti-oxidant and UV Defense

Don’t forget your SPF! When the sun shines on light surfaces such as snow, it can reflect so it is important to protect your skin from its UV rays. This Advanced Anti-Oxidant Cream is SPF 50 so you can be sure your skin has the highest level of protection.

Take it Away Makeup Remover Sheets

Make sure to take off your Makeup before you get into a shower or bath so your skin stays clean and healthy. These handy Makeup Remover Sheets are great for travelling and will leave your complexions clear and radiant.

Lip Conditioner

Don’t forget your lips! With Shea Butter and Vitamin E, Estée Lauder’s Lip Conditioner will ensure your lips stay soft and smooth on the slopes.

Don’t forget your lips! Estée Lauder’s Lip Conditioner will ensure your lips stay soft and smooth on the slopes.



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