The 3 best detangling products you need in your beach bag

The 3 best detangling products you need in your beach bag

Keeping your hair in good condition while you’re on holiday is a real struggle. Exposure to sun, sea, sand and chlorine can leave your hair knotted, dry and extremely difficult to work with.

Hydrating and conditioning your hair is essential in the summer heat. Choosing the right products to treat your hair is the only way to keep your locks knot-free and super soft.

3 holiday hair must-haves

As your hair is slightly more brittle and dry in the summer sun, it is so important to look after your tresses and take extra care when you are styling your hair. When it comes to detangling holiday hair essentials you need a detangling spray, a deep conditioning treatment and the perfect hair brush.

The detangling spray

After a long day at the beach, spray a generous amount of the TIGI Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturising Detangler Spray into wet hair. With a hydrating, milky formula, the lighweight spray works to hydrate and nourish dry hair. By softening your locks, the Detangler Spray helps to ease out tangles, making brushing through your hair after time in the sea or by the pool a breeze.

The deep conditioning treatment

A rich, nourishing conditioner or mask is ideal if your hair is feeling dry and damaged after a day in the sun. The L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime Sun Masque has been specially formulated to treat your hair after exposure to the sun, working to replenish moisture and reverse any damage which may have been caused.

Luxuriously rich, the Sun Masque nourishes hair which has been exposed to UV rays whilst helping to rid your hair of sand, salt and chlorine. Simply apply a generous amount into your hair whilst at the beach, after your detangling spray, and rinse out when you shower.

The perfect hair brush

As your hair is its most delicate and fragile when it is wet, it is so important to use a brush which is gentle on your hair and will ease out knots and tangles without pulling. The Wet Detangler Hair Brush from Tangle Teezer has been developed to be used on wet hair – effectively detangling whilst minimising tugging and breakage.

With 325 unique teeth, The Wet Detangler glides through your hair, ridding your locks of any knots, pulls or matting. Simply use to draw your conditioning treatments through your hair whilst at the beach to make washing your hair an easy, stress-free experience.



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