This one product will help to prevent in-flight breakouts while travelling

This one product will help to prevent in-flight breakouts while travelling

It’s time for your flight, and you’ve packed your 10-step routine to prevent skin dehydation while you’re 5000 feet in the air. Between layers of sheet masks, face mists and luxurious creams however, there’s one step you must not forget if you want a beautifully soft and glowing complexion when you land: SPF.

We first read about this in article from Into The Gloss, and decided to send one of our team members armed with the best sunscreen to test it out, and the results might just surprise you.

We know it might sound odd, but bear with us. Not only does SPF shield your skin against the damaging UV rays that can penetrate through airplane windows, it can also help to completely block out all the germs on the aeroplane itself. Think about it, just as a physical sunscreen blocks out some of the most dangerous particles and pollutants from the sun’s rays, it can also help block out other material you don’t want in your skin cells, aka aeroplane germs.

To get the full effects, you need to use a physical sunscreen as opposed to a chemical one. Which, also happens to be very lucky as the dangerous effects of chemical sunscreens for our oceans and wildlife are very prevalent in the news at the moment.

Did using an SPF work in preventing breakouts?

Our tester applied the SkinCeuticals Mineral Matte UV Defense with an SPF 30; one of the best mineral sunscreens on the market. It contains both titanium and nano titanium dioxide, which helps to shield the skin from even the smallest of particles.

What’s even better about this sunscreen is that it acts as the perfect primer for makeup application thanks to its oil and shine absorbing properties. Which means that if you’re heading on a short haul flight and don’t have time for a skincare routine, you can throw on some CC cream on top of the sunscreen and your complexion will appear flawless for the journey. Just remember to apply a mid-flight facial spritz to keep your skin hydrated; our favourite is the Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist.

When she arrived in her destination, and for the week after, her skin didn’t so much as redden, let alone erupt with a breakout. Just to be sure this wasn’t a fluke, she tried it on her way back home and her skin has stayed flawless.

We haven’t yet heard the scientific backing on this, but it’s certainly tried and tested by our team and it has worked for us. Let us know if it works for you…



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