Why have a Hot Bath after Exercise?

Why have a Hot Bath after Exercise?

When it comes to exercising, the cool down is just as important as the workout itself. While you may be thinking of the exercises you do post-gym class, we’re thinking of the hot bath when we get home. Having a warming bath after any workout can help to ease muscle tension and reduce the potential for sore and aching body parts the next day.

We have teamed up with bodycare brand genius, ELEMIS to discover more about their Aching Muscle Super Soak, and why it makes the perfect antidote to dance class hell.

Why have a hot bath after exercise?

When it comes to exercising, a cool down exercise isn’t limited to stretching after your gym class. Having a warm and relaxing soak can contribute to soothing your aching muscles and preventing the infamous “stiff walk” the next day.

When you exercise, your body heats up and you sweat, so getting into a warm bath afterwards won’t cause a shock to your system, and instead will feel very therapeutic and calming. The heat from the water works to reduce muscle ache and tension, so you begin to feel calmer and soothed. As it relaxes your whole body, it also helps to relax your muscles post-workout.

How does ELEMIS Detox work?

The Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak is incredible for your whole body as it works to cleanse and detoxify. It contains a blend of botanical extracts, including Juniper, Birch, Clove, Blue Chamomile and Alpine Lavender, alongside mineral-rich Sea Salt to revitalise aching muscles and draw impurities out of your skin to leave you feeling energised and recharged.

The soak itself also feels very warming on the skin as it heats up in the bath, so you really feel like you are being wrapped in a comforting cocoon. It’s also a great product to use if you have period pains, or poor circulation as its warming effects will encourage healing and ease any sore areas.

How to relieve muscle pain

If you still feel a little tender after your workout, try doing a deep tissue massage to relieve aches and pains. ELEMIS recommends that you use your thumbs to press in on the backs of the calves up towards your knees to help ease muscle tension, and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. You can use either the ELEMIS Instant Refreshing Gel or Oil, which contains botanical extracts to melt into the skin and provide immediate muscular comfort.



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