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Winter Haircare: Day 13 – Wella Professionals Reflections Shampoo

It’s time to reveal the luminising treat behind Door number 13 of your Beauty Secrets Advent Calendar! The gorgeous Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Shampoo is brilliant for getting you ready for upcoming Christmas party season. Made with a blend of Camellia Oil and White Tea Extract, the shampoo gently cleanses and removes oil and dirt build-up from the hair and scalp to leave you with revitalised and lovely locks.

During the winter months, hair can begin to look a little dull, limp and quite lifeless. This can be because it’s becoming dry, damaged and weighed down with a mixture of heavy concoctions designed to combat the dreaded winter locks. Luckily, your beautiful treat combats all these problems in one formula….

Camellia Oil is brilliant at nourishing the hair and targeted dry and damaged fibres. Composed mainly of fatty acids, the oil conditions each strand of hair to reveal stronger and more luminous locks. The hero (and very unique) ingredient in this shampoo however, is the White Tea Extract…

The Haircare Benefits Of White Tea Extract

Tea has long been haled as a hero and miracle ingredient in the beauty industry. Packed with countless vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it contains essentially everything your hair and skin needs to look its healthiest. While many people believe that black tea is the healthiest of them all, White Tea actually possess unique benefits that pack a serious punch. This is because it is the most unprocessed out of all the teas (including green!).

White Tea Extract itself contains a unique antioxidant which has long been hailed as the secret ingredient that encourages hair growth. Working to keep your locks strong and shiny, White Tea Extract actually eliminates free radicals that could cause damage to your hair, helping to strengthen your scalp and each hair follicle.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, White Tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so if your scalp is suffering from the winter blues, simply massage a little of this shampoo in and feel immediate relief…



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