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Products To Help You Sleep

As its National Sleep Awareness Week, we thought we would put together a guide to our favourite sleep remedies and natural sleep aids. Lack of sleep can cause skin and health problems, irritability and extreme exhaustion. Luckily, we have put together a great selection of sleep therapy products to help you drift off and get have a peaceful night of rest. Just a spritz, glug and swipe of some of these gorgeous products will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and above all, sleepy.

Our Favourite Sleep Remedies

Just a spritz of this beautifully scented pillow spray will calm your mind and help you drift off into a peaceful nights sleep. Lavender, Vetivert and Chamomile blend together to easy away tension and stress and leave you refreshed in the morning.

A bath is a great idea when you are stressed out as it helps to relax your body and mind. Adding a small amount of this Bath Oil from Aromatherapy Associates will instantly relax you and easy away the tensions and stresses of the day.

We love to use a reed diffuser to will fill our rooms with a gorgeous and relaxing fragrance. This one from NEOM contains French Lavender to help you drift off, and will delicately scent your entire room.

Blended with Pure Essential Oils and Salts to fill the bath with a beautiful and relaxing scent, this Westlab Bath Soak will prepare you for a peaceful nights sleep. It also helps to calm the nervous system so you feel more relaxed after a stressful day.

Formulated with Organic Lavender, Sesame and Sweet Almond, this oil from Weleda delivers intense hydration and moisture into the skin whilst also providing a soothing and calming fragrance to help you drift off to sleep. Simply massage into your body after a bath until it has been fully absorbed.

Infused with a soothing Lavender scent, this eye mask will block out light and cushion your eyes for the perfect night sleep. We love to take this away with us when we go on holiday so we can be sure we will get a great nights sleep wherever we are. Made from velvet and silk, it is super luxurious and soft.

Just a glug of this gorgeous bath soak from Mio, and you will feel super relaxed in no time at all. We love the relaxing scent which is a blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Chamomile, Spearmint and Cypress. Simply add a small amount under running water and all your tensions and stresses will disappear.

Having a shower or bath when you come home after a long day can wash away all your stress and tension. Instead of opting for a bright and fruity scent, choose something with Lavender which will help you drift off. This one from This Works hydrates and protects the skin while soothing your senses.

This gorgeously relaxing balm from Aromatherapy Associates is the perfect travel companion to ensure you get a great nights sleep no matter where in the wold you are. Infused with Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood for deep relaxation, we love to apply to temples and pulse points to calm and soothe.

This candle from Aromatherapy Associates is so soothing and calming, it helps relax us instantly! Made with natural wax and Pure Essential Oils for a clean burn, the fragrance will last after the candle has been extinguished to help you drift off into a peaceful night sleep.

Still need a helping hand to drift off? Read all our tips on how to get a great night’s sleep and you’ll be snoozing like a lamb tonight!



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