Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

We’ve already shared the story behind this amazing brand so I thought I would give you a more in depth review of one of their hero products: the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Find out whether this award-winning, cult beauty product lives up to the acclaim after I put it to the test.

What is Liquid Gold?

With Glycolic Acid, Silk Proteins and Licorice, this is an overnight treatment that helps to soothe, decongest and protect your skin so you wake up with skin that glows. It is meant to be brilliant at fighting things like pigmentation and fine lines as well as calming breakouts and reducing scarring, for a bright, even skin tone.

To use it, you just sweep it over your face and neck with a cotton pad after cleansing your face. Once it is dry you can then apply your moisturiser as usual. For a more intensive treatment, leave just the Liquid Gold on your skin overnight, with no moisturiser.

My Review

I love this product and can definitely see why the Liquid Gold has reached cult status; it does everything it claims to, leaving my skin

I have very sensitive skin but after using this for the last month, my skin hasn’t had anything but positive reactions to this.

In the morning, it leaves my skin looking tighter and brighter– it is my go-to whenever hormonal skin strikes or after a few late nights. I absolutely recommend it.

The product itself has no strong scent and has a silky, liquid texture that feels great on the skin. It feels like a really luxurious way to treat my skin, especially with the minimal and sleek packaging.

I prefer to use it as a once a week treatment on its own; I just apply after double cleansing my face and leave it on my face with nothing other than eye cream.


As Alpha-H are our brand of the month, you can buy one and get one free with this amazing product, saving £33.50. There is no better time to put it to the test for yourself!



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