Inspiring Women in Sport

Inspiring Women in Sport

Sports and exercise helps you feel amazing, boosting our confidence and our moods. Women in sport aren’t always in the headlines but we wanted to share and celebrate some of the incredible female athletes who inspire us.

5 Female Athletes Who Inspire Us

We could have made this list at least 50, but this is just a snapshot of some of the incredible athletes in the sporting world right now who motivate and inspire us.

  1. Jessica-Ennis-Hill

    Jessica Ennis-Hill

    Jessica is an incredible sportswoman, currently a British record-holder for the heptathlon.

    Just under 2 years after having her son Reggie, she is back competing and is likely to continue to win titles.

    Jessica has become an incredible role-model for girls in sport and isn’t scared of taking a stand on important issues, which we love her for.

  2. Nicola-Adams

    Nicola Adams

    Boxing isn’t generally a sport associated with women but Nicola Adams is helping to change that.

    The first woman to win a gold for boxing, she now has many titles to her name, including an MBE.

    Nicola is also a leading figure in the LGBT community, helping to empower young LGBT people and bring attention to the issues many of them face.

  3. Martine-Wright

    Martine Wright

    Martine Wright wasn’t always an athlete, but after losing both her legs in the 7/7 bombings, she started training as a sitting volleyball player.

    Since then, Martine has become a international athlete, competing in international games and being an incredible ambassador for disabled sport.

    Martine’s story shows the power of determination, even with the most difficult of odds.

  4. Laura-Trott

    Laura Trott

    In the history of the European Track Championships, Laura Trott is the most successful rider there has been.

    Right now, she is the European champion for the team pursuit and omnium events in cycling, with more achievements to come.

    Not only does she have all this under her belt, but Laura is funny, clever and relatable, inspiring so many other young female athletes.

  5. Jo Pavey

    Jo Pavey

    It isn’t all about youth. Jo Pavey has shown that goals can be hit, whatever age.

    In 2014, Jo became the oldest European champion in history at 40 years old, just 8 months after having her second child.

    She has been a GB athlete in international competitions since 2000, proving that age and motherhood does not have to get in the way of incredible achievements.



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