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International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and their achievements. Here at Lookfantastic we are lucky enough to have a team full of amazing women from around the world and we wanted to take this chance to let you find out more about them.

We caught up with our very own international women to talk about everything from the women who inspire and motivate them, life here in England & the cultural differences they’ve faced, to the beauty products that get them through the day.



My mum is my biggest inspiration. I know it’s a cliché and everyone says their mum but my mum is amazing. She is very brave and taught me to always speak the truth and to stand up for what I believe in and for those who need standing up for, regardless of who you are standing up to. She is very intelligent and can play 3 different instruments and speaks 4 different languages. She also has a great sense of humour and can have me in stiches.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the UK and Sweden that sticks out to me is the difference in the holiday days. At home everyone takes 4 weeks off in a row during summer and then has a spare week to do what they want with during the rest of the year. Offices slow down June and July as everyone takes their vacation, small businesses might even close for a month.

The beauty products I can’t live without are Ole Henriksen’s cleansers and Korres shower gels. I’m so glad I can still buy them from Lookfantastic in the UK!



What I like most about my job is all the challenges it involves and the tremendous opportunities behind them. Difficulties can be turned into innovations and that’s where we can make the difference.

I have always wanted to work for an international company so my current role is a dream. Long term I would love to help more with international communication and cultural exchanges. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, is my biggest inspiration.

I moved to UK almost 3 and half year ago for my Masters degree in London. I am really proud of the fact that I lived in 3 different foreign countries in the year after uni and survived! Food is definitely the thing I miss most. Especially as I come from a small city in China, so it is really hard to find the traditional hometown food in the UK.

I love beauty products, especially haircare and bodycare. At the moment I really like Christophe Robin and Mio.



I’m from a city called Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway and moved to the UK just a few weeks ago. I haven’t lived in the UK long enough to notice any particular differences apart from that here in the UK, you seem to prefer your food deep fried! Since moving to the UK, my hair has found the weather difficult though. I really like the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner, which has been helping lots.

Ever since I was 5, I knew I wanted to travel and learn languages. My aunt Gerda was the one who inspired me to explore the world. So far, I have lived in 7 countries, travelled around many more, and I speak 5 languages. I’m pretty happy with that! My main goal professionally, is to make Lookfantastic a success, on a more personal level, I want to perfect my Spanish and learn German.



My name is Monika. I am from the same hometown as Sharon in China (but we didn’t meet until we worked here!).

I came to this country as exchange student two years ago. I liked it, so I decided to come back for a Masters Degree and now have my career here. Plus I found a boyfriend here; one more reason for me staying here! One of the things I love about the UK is the crisps. We don’t have crisps with vinegar, but salt and vinegar crisps are my favourite flavour!

My biggest inspiration is my mum. She is a successful business woman with her own career and she always works so hard. From her I also found Elemis which just completely changed my skin. I used to get lots of pimples on my face, till I met Elemis and I rarely see any now.



I am Veronica and I am from Germany, from a city close to Frankfurt. My ambition is to keep enjoying the work I am doing here at Lookfantastic, challenging myself and driving new ideas around the business. Only if you love the work you are doing can you make a difference.

I moved to the UK in September 2014 to do my masters at Lancaster University. I am really proud of moving to another country; meeting people from all over the world. There are a lot of things that are different about the UK. The biggest misassumptions from Germans about the UK is probably that the food here is terrible and the weather is worse. Both are just not true! The biggest cultural difference is the friendliness and politeness; I have never visited a country where people are so friendly.

Emma Watson is my biggest inspiration. She has shown that the transformation from a teen star to recognised role model is possible and inspires many people all around the world. She is a style icon but also still down to earth.

I have two beauty essentials. Nothing else gives the perfect finish for dry ends like Wella haircare products and nothing lasts better through a stressful long day than the Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation.


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For more information on International Women’s Day please visit their website.



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