Make the Most of Summer

Make the Most of Summer

August is flying by and it feels like Summer is going to be over before we know it. This means we’re thinking about our Summer ‘bucket list’ and the things we want to do to make the most of Summer before it is gone.

If you feel like Summer has slipped you by, here are 5 ideas of things to do to make sure you enjoy the last few weeks before Autumn comes along.

5 Ways to Enjoy the Last of Summer

  1. Enjoy the Brights

    Summer is a moment when lots of us like to experiment with brighter makeup and manicures.

    Bright corals, hot pinks and vibrant teals all feel so right in the summertime, especially on the lips and nails.

    Before Autumn arrives and we all turn towards rich berries and darker tones, pull out all your bright makeup and enjoy a little bit of colour.

  2. Have a Summer Party

    From BBQs to picnics, a little bit of al fresco dining just feels like Summer.

    If you haven’t already had the chance for a little gathering, book one in over the next few weeks with your friends and family.

    We have all sorts of inspiration to help you make it a special night, so just send out those invitations!


  3. Sunset

    Go Watch the Sun Set

    Summer is all about those long days and dusky evenings.

    Even if you need to take a blanket along, spending an evening outside and soaking up the atmosphere is the perfect way to enjoy a Summer night.

    So next time a sunny evening comes along, why not drop your plans and head outside?

  4. Travel adventure

    Go on an Adventure

    With August Bank Holiday coming up, there is no better moment for heading away on a little adventure before the Summer ends.

    Take a day or two to go somewhere new and make some me memories.

    Whether you head for a Spa break, on an adventure abroad or just visit a new exhibition you haven’t seen, there are plenty of ways to fill a weekend with new experiences.

  5. Get Exercising

    It can be much harder to get motivated to work out and start an exercise routine when Winter rolls around.

    Set yourself up with a good routine now while the weekends and evenings are still bright; with the mood-boosting powers of exercise, it will set you up to feel great over the Winter.

    Not sure what to do? Follow our tips for getting started or just head out on a good old-fashioned walk.



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