What to do while the Football is on

What to do while the Football is on

UEFA Football Season is starting and we have a feeling there are going to be lots of disgruntled partners over the next month, as evenings and weekends are lost to the matches. If you aren’t a football fan but your loved ones are, avoid the arguments with our 5 tips on what to do while the football is on.

  1. Get your Own Workout in

    Not a fan of watching sports? Well, why not do some sport instead? It is the perfect moment to head out of the house and get moving.

    Head for a run with your favourite music, do some yoga or book into a new class at the gym. It will be extra quiet on match days!

    Trust us, the endorphins released by the exercise will leave you feeling so much better than grumbling on the sofa.

  2. Make it a Party

    Always feel a little left out if your other half is glued to the TV screen? Then why not make a party out of the occasion instead?

    Invite over some pals, buy a load of snacks and drinks and there will always be someone to chat to, no matter how intense the game gets. If it is a sunny afternoon, we definitely recommend a BBQ too (then you can even escape outside if the game gets too intense!).

    Making something you might be bored by into a fun event turns it into an afternoon you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

  3. Make a Friendly Wager

    We know that a little friendly competition can liven up any activity.

    Make a list of possible outcomes from the match; who wins, who scores, what result etc. Then, place some friendly bets. It doesn’t have to be for money- maybe bet on someone doing the washing up or paying for dinner next week.

    Get creative. The more outcomes you wager on, the more engaged you’ll feel with watching, which is a win-win for everyone!

  4. Duck Out and Pamper

    Really, truly not a fan? Then don’t ruin it for anyone else, just bow out and spend a few hours to yourself.

    Head out to the shops, give yourself a pamper, plan in a catch-up with friends; find any way to spend a few hours just exactly how you want. We love a little time to ourselves and a match day afternoon is the perfect excuse.

    Need inspiration? This is our ultimate pamper routine to help us totally unwind.

  5. Catch Up with the World

    Usually we hate being on our phones or laptops at the same time as the TV is on. However, when you want to keep someone company without getting bored, it can be the perfect moment for a bit of double screen action.

    Catch up on your favourite blogs, browse through Pinterest, chat with friends on Instagram or do a little online shopping, all while curling up on the sofa and cheering along when its needed!

    If you need somewhere to start, we have hundreds of posts to read and the Summer Sale is just begging for a browse!



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